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6/10, the purple belt+boots kinda ruin it for me
4/10 basic
31/10/2018 10:05Posted by Weyo
4/10 basic

Yeah,I accidentally logged out on my ww mog, which, truly, sucks. This is my mw mog now. The armory does not do justiice to the artifact weapon ( it looks much better sheated, and in game)

As for your mog, I'm missing the pants, 5/10.
7/10 I don't like the belt with the rest of mog
01/11/2018 18:52Posted by Outploy
7/10 I don't like the belt with the rest of mog

7/10 Nice but needs a better head transmog.
8/10. I like the mog, but would've swapped out the weapon look.
9/10 sexy monk :P
Cant load your character somehow.
6/10. Like u represent horde, but it is not something special and besides that it doesn't match at all....
3/10 it's just glad armor you can buy as a set from Dalaran legacy pvp vendors with shoulders that don't match
It has its niche and for that i give you 6/10,but im not into that stuff.
-1 per sword. They are to flashy gor that awesom dark look.
Nice mix of pieces
Can't reach your character page :(
Not much to say, lvl 60 and haven't unlocked much mogs yet. I'll give you a 3/10 for the chest only
Looks a bit to much demonhunter with the belt and weapon. But i do like you used different pieces combined and it fits well.
Ooo I'm into it, this panda clearly chose the Horde. Good color match overall. Good choice matching the main hand with the subdued grey in the shoulders BUT WHY THE PURPLE OFF-HAND D:<


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