Can't transmog artifact shields

Hello! So i recently tried to transmog my shield back into my artifact shield from legion, only to find that in order to do so i had to mog my mainhand into the same skin. I really want another weapon to go with that shield so this makes me really sad.

I Really hope this is a bug of some sort or something that will be addressed shortly because it really sucks to be in this position.
Currently all Artifact appearances that came in pairs (that is, main-hand + off-hand, main-hand + shield, etc) can only be transmoglified as sets. It doesn't seems to be a bug, but an intended restriction. There are many posts of people asking for this restriction to be lifted, something I would love to see myself changing.
I can't see how it's fully intended

it looks like a technical solution to let Artifact appearance overlay any kind of weapon (like dagger on staff)

I hope it's just a temporary solution too... because it's quite a bad one indeed

The druid forms being bound to certain artifact transmogs is an issue also

It seems easy to fix, come on Blizzard :)

Remove the foolish limitation between weapon types already :D
It make no sense any more. Nobody wants to be stuck in one type again because of BiS or the RNG of loots.

=> 2 actual weapon slots like today. 2 transmog slots, independent from the actual weapon, and allow anything the class spec can hold and use.

=> each artifact transmog is sent to its actual type (dagger, staff, shield, charm, 1H axe, 2H sword...)

=> problem solved => transmog enthusiasts happy => everyone is fine
Here is a simple solution: Each artifact unlocks to types of transmog: Artifact Pair that can be mogged on any type of weapon and normal type weapons that can be only mogged on their type but can be used seperatly.
Agree on this. I want to roll artifact mage tower shield, but with axe like Last Laugh, Blood Fury etc, depending on Artifact tint.

Please, make this change live, we will be grateful.

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