Make Warmode & World PvP more enticing!

Warmode and World PvP
10% bonus till level capped then turn it off seems to be the current state of use or turn it off altogether after a ganking or two.

So I had the idea to introduce a series of temporary buffs and debuffs for being active in world PvP and generating HK's.

Something like as follows:

Honourable Kill - rewards a temp bonus for x duration at random, they could take existing buffs from racial talents such as:

all reputation gained by 10%.
doubles stat bonuses from Well Fed buffs
20% vendor discount
10% bonus xp from killing monsters
chance of extra loot (like tresaure finding pot)
mounted speed boosts etc. etc.

Only one is applicable at any one time and with the randomness and short duration could keep people in the foray if they are searching for a particular bonus.

Dishonourable Kills - stackable debuff for ganking

A modified resurrection sickness debuff that stacks along with the visual debuff that starting Death Knights recieve in faction hubs:

Decreases all attributes by x% and all damage caused by x%.
You are currently worth no honor points to the enemy.

Spit - Spat on. Nobody likes you.

Preventing exploitation:

If a low level tries baiting by starting combat or is within a 40yd radius of honourable targets then obv the debuff won't apply and should accidents happen, 1 shot a low level player, or just a one off killing, it's a trivial % loss for a short duration.

Going on the rampage will bring the player down to their level and prob end up with said ganker fleeing powerless and honourless.

I guess they first need to work on proper scaling before implementing something like this but think it'd be a fun way of maybe attracting players and keeping them interested....
19/08/2018 17:25Posted by Tylerdurdên
Dishonourable Kills - essentially random debuffs for ganking

You lost me at this part mate.
Actually this idea is fun ,but runing with all buffs will make the player strong.
19/08/2018 23:11Posted by Averagebuble
runing with all buffs

You can only get one at a time, as I mentioned above. If say, you were after a faction discount, you'd have to keep fighting till the right buff was applied, a bit like roll the bones for outlaw rogues.

19/08/2018 23:06Posted by Redoctober
You lost me at this part mate.

Sorry my bad, edited, not random debuffs but a variation of res sickness that stacks the more you gank, to discourage corpse camping etc.

The bit about spit, if you remember the Death Knight starter quest chain when you enter your faction hub, you have a debuff which causes NPC's to throw rotten fruit at you, flies buzz around you and some NPC's jeer. Figured it'd be fun to show off the fact that you are a lowbie ganker!

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