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Hey guys, just finished leveling my NE Druid in Ashenvale and I'm just wondering if Stonetalon is the best place to get started next or should I head somewhere else? Still getting back into the swing of things after 6 years out!
Stonetalon is a good zone to follow from Ashenvale. That is usually my preferred levelling route anyway.
Welcome back, Aldarar! I hope you're having a great time with your new Druid so far. ^^

If you have been gone for a long time though, then you may have missed the scaling levelling changes that were implemented in the last year.

Instead of zones being assigned to a specific level, they have now a much broader range and will scale to your character's level. In other words, whereas before as a Night Elf you would likely go from Darkshore > Ashenvale > Stonetalon Mountains, you can now pick any zone you like on Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms. :)

To do that, just visit a major city and find the Quest Board there (usually near an Auction House). That will show you at least 3 options to choose from.

Enjoy your travels around Azeroth again!
Additional to what @Narialeene posted; Ashenvale now caters for character levels 15-60, to allow for storyline completion, without any Quests ever going grey (as previously tended to happen).

Welcome back & have fun.

L32 means you probably know about the changes, but their 'old-skool' strict continuity has been... removed.

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