[A] - Looking for English guild on any server

Looking for Players – PvE
Ended up on Burning Legion and i want to get the hell out of this Polish server.
Its not that i mind Russians or polish ppl but the hole server is 90 % of those 2 and they dont take in English speaking people.

Im looking for PvE and PVP and ill transfer my chrs to the server once an active guild is found.

I can transfer Priest ( Holy / Disc ), Warrior ( Fury ) or Warlock.
Hi Mytwocent,

I am Seungyun GM of DmgInc on Silvermoon EU, we are a guild that we are setting up in our gaming community, we are with lots of people that already have experience in the game! We would like to have you with us!

If you wanna know more contact me on bnet Tzuyu#21379 or discord: Tzuyu#9278

- Seungyn
Vicinity of obscenity Server:Frostmane [A] Raid Days: Fri-Sun Times 8-11 Server Progression: 11/11 HC Loot System: Personal Recruitment Needs: DPS,HEALERS, TANK Contacts: /w on discord or Numlock#21955 Looking to step away from PUGS /W FOR INFO
lookin mainly for hc-Mythic progress
we're not HARDCORE id say semi
weve cleared content since BC Mainly using Pugs
and would like to step away from the PUG life
forming a decent group to do !@#$ with.
/w Numlock#21955
I am on burning legion server and I too are looking for a English guild please
Have a look at my guild if you like.
We are well established mature group of players and we are looking for few more new recruits to have fun with.

We love to chat, group and have a laugh.
We run all sorts of content together, from lvl1 survivor races to raiding.

We raid 2 days a week Weds, Fri 9PM s.t. along with a mythic+ night on Sat.

If so far you like what you read and would like to know more guildzerotolerance.enjin.com has a lot more or you can contact me directly on bnet lonely182#2427

Take care and have fun!

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