<TOP NOTCH> [H] - (2/8M ; 8/8 HC) LFM - 2d/Week

<Top Notch> is a 2 times per week raiding guild with objective of creating a serious but "real life" friendly raiding environment.
Think of us a group of committed players with the right priorities and a structure...
See how to apply at end of post. Current progress -2/8 M :: 8/8 HC with 0,4%% on Zekvos (!!!! :<)

Our core fundamentals:
- Be ready - Study the fights and your class;
- Have Fun, it's a game;
- Real Life comes first;
- Follow through to your commitments;
- Respect and be loyal to your fellow guildmates

- Official Raiding days: Thursdays (21:00 to 23:59) and Sundays (20:00 to 23:00). (Wednesday 21:00 to 23:59 on a opcional basis without mandatory presence, where other activities can be planned / used to gear alts or any main that still needs HC).
- We are a mature and "real life" balanced guild. We expect >80% attendance on going, and all situations can be worked with proper planning.

Loot rule:
- Duplicated / Non useful pieces of gear must be passed on to players with Mainspec needs for that slot (when tradeable);
- BoEs , if not needed by first drop owner, are rolled by remaining MS if are an upgrade, or sent to GBank if not needed.

Current objective:
- Clear HC and establish mythic core team. (Oct Update: 90% done - HC clear, but few members left to close core team)
- Progress through mythic and achieve Cutting Edge in a comfortable pace. This guild does not plan to do world firsts!!! We want relaxed sustainable progress with good game-life balance.

You can apply by talking with one of our officers at battlenet, or discord, via:

Remaining Open Positions and most necessary classes/roles. Note: will allways consider new excellent applications, dont be shy to contact us!

MDPS: Monk, Ret , Rogue , Enha

RDPS: Warlock as most needed

Tanks: Monk/Dk (if OK to use DPS OS)

Healers: Holy Pala / Shaman / Disc
Updated (long recruiting day) :)
Hi , apologies if this seems spam but want just updated the info on our current classes needs with major changes vs yesterday. tks for your time reading this post!
Updated :)
Updated, mage ranks are pretty full now
Updated . Monk (WW/MW) and Hpala are needed!
Still looking for some few members left! Updated our needs!
Updated class needs
Hi, updated class needs, very few spots left!!
Updated- Now full on MDPS
Updated current progress and needs. Tks!
Updated needs. thanks!
Updated progress and needs
Updated progress and recruitment needs. Tks!

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