Shoak : Angry Little Mask

I have a letter in my mail box below I'm alliance. The NPC and gloom hollow appears to be a horde camp in which I get destroyed when I enter to speak to Shoak can any one offer any assistance I've already googled and came up with nothing is this a bug email or is the an alliance Shoak ?

From: Shoak
Subject: Angry Little Mask

Scoggy, I've got a new story to tell you! While exploring some ruins I made a spooky little friend. He and Kajosh don't get along so well, so I probably shouldn't keep him. Next time you're in Gloom Hollow, maybe you can give him a good home?
Got the same on my US Alliance toon.
Got same in my mail, EU alliance
Got the same, EU Horde though
You can buy it for 500 pet charms
If I am correct, Shoak at 66.95, 42.09 at Gloom Hollow (by the stable master) sells pet companions. He sells a 'Accursed Hexxer' for 500 Polished Pet Charms. I believe this to be what he is talking about.
I have this on alliance, I have looked up the location of the NPC, and he is in a horde camp, but when i go in I can't find him there, is he in a different spot for alliance?
I got the same letter.

Now I would be surprised if an NPC sent a letter for an item that can be bought from a vendor, like so many other pets in BFA.

Something's just not quite right.
You need to buy it for pet charms as mentioned here already
I thought all those are just in game advertising for pets. When your mail box needs a spam filter xD
in game NPC spam, whats next...
No joke. He just sent me the same letter again. Legit NPC spam.
Hi All got the same letter also.
I found a npc here who looking for shoak. But i dont know if he is related to this letter. Nazmir, cords under mini map + map + what he is saying in chat
he sends you the letter when you enter the area, he sells 4 pets 100,200,200 and 400 polished pet charms, he can be accessed by completing a few quests in the area on ever side though he is in a horde base he himself is friendly to all.
On my Horde character I have had three letters like this from three different NPC's. It seems to be basically telling you that (after questing a short side chain) you have unlocked a pet/pets for sale.

The npc that Bojlorek is refering to ^^^ Is Shoaks buddy, He sends you off to rescue Shoak then when everyone is back safe at Gloom Hollow, somepoint after you get the letter.. Again this is from Horde perspective.

Another letter was from the pairing of the two white brontosaurs, can't remember the other.

Oversight on Blizz if Shoak cannot be accessed by Alliance, for sure.

1st letter from Shoak (Nazmir), about a frog (possibe trigger rescuing Shoak/ frog loa quests)
2nd letter from Cala Cruzpot (Zuldazar) about baby Brontosaur (possible trigger, rare bronto pairing quests)
3rd letter from Jenoh (Vol'dun) about a Ranishu (possible trigger, his snake quests, he is a snake charmer)

and just now

4th letter from Shoak (hard sell this guy)(Nazmir) about an angry mask. (possible trigger, little quest chain with the "kombucha*" mushroom people. )

*not actual ingame name.
What’s next? Herbalife vendor in Emerald dream?
Ironic that hes in a horde camp though ...
Got the letter too, also alliance, also no way of reaching Shoak. He doesn't even appear to be in Gloom Hollow for me (did a run around and /tar shoak constantly, turned up nothing). I could target other Tortollans in that camp though.

Seems to be an oversight from Blizzard.

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