Hows everyone enjoying being the worst world pvp class?

Thats why i rerolled after 9 years warrior.....
Now i just use my warry to do some random bgs and look cool
Its just too frustrating to do something else.
Because pally and rogue can do everything a warri can and more.
Just take rogues: they do roughly the same dmg ,have more utility, are more mobile, have stealth, more survivability, more selfheal.
So why should i pick a warrior dd over a rogue ? Besides battlecry
21/08/2018 21:33Posted by Bigbazz
We also completely !@#$ on Ferals (which are way way worse than Arms right now).

Not sure about that. I've killed plenty of Warriors in WPvP and duels as a Feral. They're one of the classes I like to see.

That said, I'm levelling my Warrior right now and I'm not seeing what everyone's complaining about. I don't bother with Arms or Fury because in nearly 12 years of playing a Warrior I've never been able to play the DPS specs properly, but with Prot I feel like I have enough tools to deal with anything and escape from anything I can't deal with. I also Dragon Charged some fail Warlock off a cliff in Stormsong Valley earlier which was highly amusing.
Idk how players enjoy that unknown so called "worst" class in the game.

I'm however enjoying my spec.

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