4 friends looking for a raiding guild

Twisting Nether
Hey there!

Us 4 have met in game and are now looking for a semi hardcore/social raiding guild.

We are:
- DPS Hunter,
- DPS Shaman,
- DPS Warrior,
- Heal Paladin.

We prefer to raid 3 days a week at a time around 20:00-23:00 server time (a bit later or earlier doesnt really mather).

As for me (the Marksman Hunter) I've got a few alts as well that I plan to level eventually (they are 110), so if you need a priest (holy/discipline), druid (balance/heal) or warlock then I can level those up as well.
Hey mystfoxy would love to talk with you please add me on witkind#2272
Hey message me! Rokhnar#2747
Hey Mystfoxy would love to chat with you about joining our guild we are currently 8/8h 1/8m experienced atm Bonsey007#2642

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