Death Knight or Paladin


I want to make a second character, primarily for PvP, and I am stuck between the choice of a Death Knight or Paladin.

My plans for the character is to use them mainly for Battleground and World PvP, with some possible Arenas added in.
Most likely I would go as Ret for the Paladin, or Frost/Unholy for the DK.

But I'd like to hear the community's thoughts on this.

Why should I choose a Paladin over a Death Knight, or vice versa?
What are the strengths/weaknesses of them?

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say!
level both and adapt to the situation
If you really want to go into arenas, choose Paladin not Dk.
Dk has nothing to offer and Frost will be in a really bad state when BfA launches.
Suffer well or play pala
No reason to play DK unless you hate yourself. Ret Paladin can do everything DK can, but better, and even more.
If you don't like graveyards then paladin is highly recommended.
Dont play dk right now. Me as wotlk - dk who loves everything about the dk class decided to reroll for the very first time because of the idiot state dk is in now
Unholy dk tops bgs dmg just by mashing one button. (Only druid is better in charts)Yesterday frost dk doubles our dmg in arena after one of their mates leaves.
But dks are slow as fk gg playing againts mages and hunters. Playing againts frost mage in arena as dk is one of the most frustrating thing you can do in this game( only playing lock vs rogue is on same tier ) But pala is slow too.

I would go with pala since you can tank or heal with this char.
Then again if you go paladin you will have to pretend you are a rogue if you want to dps.

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