[H/PvX] Apex Avengers Recruiting

Argent Dawn
Apex Avengers is currently recruiting

We are a social/semi-hardcore PvX guild focusing on end-game content. Our guild has only been formed recently (yesterday), but we believe we can make a difference. We're looking for friendly members that like to hang around in discord or guild chat while having fun doing end-game content such as Normal/Heroic Raids and Mythic Keystone Dungeons. We will also be doing some Arena's and maybe even some Rated Battlegrounds. All players are welcome, we're giving everyone a chance if you're willing to stick to our rules and learn along the way! ~ Don't expect us to be huge in just a few days, give us some time

What we offer
  • fun and social environment
  • every type of end-game content
  • gameplay improvement if you're willing to learn
  • many guild activities that will start soon.
  • Discord Server (soon)

What we expect
  • Not much tbh, just looking for members that want to have fun in group while doing end-game content.

~ If interested fill in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/3hVp2PEXYXpETZ3J2
If you have any more questions, add me on Battle.net: "MrEezeh#2552"

Have a nice day!
Does the X stand for X-rated?
18/08/2018 08:45Posted by Ghrold
Does the X stand for X-rated?

My guess is that you're joking, in case you're not PvX is both PvE and PvP.

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