Former guildies looking for a new active guild!

Argent Dawn
We're 10-15 (+alts) approximately from a former guild we decided to disband because real life implications made it difficult to have a good enough running leadership. But we still want to be in a active guild without having to have any leading positions.

We'd love if anyone would have us! Looking for a guild that preferably does alot of different stuff and is active with a discord :)
If this is intresting to you..

You are basicaly as many as we are.. for good or worse.

Feel free to poke me in game, we could invite some alt of your and have you chwck us out and see if we fit.
We're a PvE guild, Boogie knights, that have recently moved to the server, and are looking to build a community of players that are looking to have a relaxed, fun time. We're welcoming of all playstyles and interests, and hoping to build up our numbers heading further into BfA:

We do have a Discord, and a Community freshly setup as well :)
Good luck!

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