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So these 2 classes got ranked top tier for mythic+ tanking, however I’m finding that it may not be the case…

tl;dr: DK is much better imo. Sco and others rated them much closer to eachother, so what am I missing here?

First, what got me suspicious was that I’ve never seen a single PTR run tanked by a DH. (Saw a monk once, 1 or 2 palas but other than that all DKs.)

So I decided to give the issue a little more thought:

Basic phisical dmg reduction:

DH: Demon Spikes > No resource needed, off-gcd, with proper haste lvls (and Feed the Demon talent if needed) can be kept up reliably all the time.

DK: Bone Shield > Resource-gated and shares that limited resource (runes) with many other abilities, and on top of that you can’t really tell how many times you are going to parry/dodge – meaning how fast you are going to lose stacks.

So DH is a clear winner in this regard.


DH (stick with Spirit Bomb for now): Spirit bomb > Resource gated: you need both souls and pain to use it.

DK: Blood Boil > No resource, 2 stacks with low CD.

DK wins this one.


DH: Imprison > Nice, but many other classes can do the same or even better.
Sigil of Misery > Much more uniqe and useful skill.
Disrupt Magic > Really useful and even less common.

DK: Asphyxiate > Nice stun, but nothing gamebreaking here.
Death Grip > Totally uniqe and extremely useful skill, on a low cd.

Cant really tell, they are really close in this regard imo.

DH: Sigil of Chains > Freely-placeable AoE.

DK: Mass Grip > same CD and range, but you need to have a friendly or an enemy unit in the center of it, which restricts its use.

DH wins here.

Extra CDs:

DH: Meta…

DK: IBF > Breaks stuns and makes you immune to them!

DK, by a mile.

DH: Fiery Brand > ok, ok… if you have only 1 emeny attacking you

DK: Vamp Blood > Crazy good, off-gcd.

DK, by a mile again.

Magic dmg:

DH: Sigil of Silence > Super powerful, IF the enemy can be CCed.

DK: AMS > Can be used against bosses too.

DK wins again.


90% of the time I’d say DH is the winner here, however Death’s Advance removes and prevents snares and is off-gcd. So in those special cases DK is better imo.

Dmg, threat, AoE:

Both are ok, I guess. Havent bothered to look into the numbers.

Mechanically both have issues imo:

DH: the proc-delay of sigils is annoying and drasticly shortens your reaction time-window.

DK: damaging abilities share resources with your Bone Shield application ability (Marrowrend), and you cant even plan as you dont know at what rate you are going to lose stacks.

Self heal:

Kind of similar mechanics here.

So to sum things up: in other areas than survivability they are more or less equal, but DH doesnt even come close in defensive skills plus DK has battle rez.

edit: I forgot to include however, a DK issue: when tanking multiple enemies - the shared resources of Marrowrend and Heart Strike become a hunge problem, as thats when you both need cleave and lose your Bone Shield stacks go down the fastest.

Sco rated them much closer to eachother, so what am I missing here?
Who cares?

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