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The stats of both these pets seems way over budget 1400hp, 284 power & 349 speed. It’s almost like they are the next tier up stats wise.
Hopefully they will get looked at because at present they are gonna be very strong especially the hermit crab.

At 1400hp, 284 power & 349 speed for an S/S
we would be looking at Base stats 8, 8.7, 8.7.

That is actually broken. I mean, as in these are not pets from the same game, and make the game unviable, assuming their movesets are coherent, and Hermit Crab does seem to have a good moveset.
They actually remind me of epic pets that NPCs have stats wise.
It just seems to be a follow on from the twilight meteorite fiasco.

I actually think a lot of the new pets have been engineered to fill gaps in families aquatics with stampede, critter with explode, these weird crazy stat aquatics. Pala even suggested the tcs was engineered with family balancing for achievements in mind.
/waves to Rosqo

Just for a record, and as a continuation of Gráinne's thread on Warcraft Pets:

There had been five pets with an unusual (non-24, or non-4800 dev-wise) weight of stats. I will not split them between properties because I don't want to assume which part is extraordinary and which not.

Three seemingly intended ones are Zoom (16,625|3325), Elekk Plushie (26,5|5300) and (confirmed) Peddlefeet (24,005|4801 – not even traceable).
The two other are Cinder Kitten and Tiny Blue Carp, both 24,5|4900, not impactful only thanks to their breeds.

Boghopper and Hermit Crab, however, have got an even greater surplus as their stats sum up to 25,5|5100 (you were missing ,05s there, Lady :)).
There's also a Mechanical Prairie Dog whose stats sum up to 24,5|4900.

I've been repeating that the pet community should begin to acknowledge base stats just as we're used to breeds. The PvPers have been partially discussing it speaking about several speed thresholds needed to maintain advantage. I'd like to repeat something else aswell, but not if it disrupts this thread. :)

Ironically enough, Rosqo, the aquatic pet that is anticipated the most for PvE is Coastal Scuttler. But for PvP? This crab is definitely up to something.

EDIT: I forgot to mention another pet, edited accordingly.
Good grief the hermit crab as something else in PvP!

I hadn't even noticed his speed was 349 until I read it on this forum. (I had misread it as 249 I think and filed this pet away as another average crab type)

Tried it out yesterday with Whirlpool, Pinch and Shell Shield and it felt a bit like I had just added a Boss PvE pet to my team!

Nice that a pet that's free an easy for all to get is such a good one.

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