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Argent Dawn

I believe that if one looks one can find some kind of knowledge anywhere.

I would like to start this thread, because I want to know what people have learned from World of Worcraft, from - gameplay (quests, stories, professions, mobs etc.), Lore, characters, novels, RP etc. From any aspect of the game. Although I think, in this case, two the most important aspects of this game are RP and Lore, which are entwined.

What lessons have you learned? What new knowledge did you gain? What experience did you get? Maybe some philosophical and psychological observations and thoughts? Anything!

P.S - This question regards only to the kind of knowledge that can be implemented in real life.
I learned through quests that you can indeed increase your mass and size through magic using blood or Scourge blight!

See: The quests in WoD intro and Zul'drak quests.

IRL? IDK! I dind't see that part 8(
I learned that conflict is inevitable. Even an alliance is another form of conflict. It's a paradox that humanity is tied to. A never-ending cycle.
Sometimes you can keep yourself from sneezing by saying "Achoo!" (or local alternative) at the right moment.
I learned that people aren't trying to be evil, most are trying to be good. Even when someone appears to be an absolute !@#, they probably have a different perspective.

When you meet someone online that you absolutely hate or loathe for whatever reason, remind yourself that you do not really know them and they are probably not evil, they just have a different perspective, bad mood or whatever. They might save lives IRL and shelter orphans or whatever.
I learned Tyrande has extremely smelly armpits.
I learned how to multitask effectively while keeping focused on my rotation. It's surprising how cultivating that mind-set helped my work performance.
Did you know hippo milk is pink?
Roleplay was one of my primary means of learning English. I guess that is the biggest lesson World of Warcraft has taught me. Often I learn something new from other players but that isn't necessarily related to the game itself.
I have always played games, my first online one being Runescape, which I started playing when I was about 8 years old(?). And I can honestly say that most of my language knowledge definitely stems from games in general (I am not an English native speaker). However, my dictionary truly bloomed when I started discovering even more synonyms (and learning better grammar in general), when I started to RP in WoW.
It's alright to take breaks, to me the content becomes dull if I would play massively for days. The content is massive within WoW but you don't have to complete it all. Just relax and enjoy.

Also basic economics, learning supply and demand through the Auction House.
As above poster, I think the greatest utility WoW has given me is economic nuance through trying to maximise profits in AH. Monopolising markets, exploiting demand periods etc. I'm not the richest player by any stretch, but I feel like I've learned something I didn't have before.
I learned that no king rules forever.

Also a load of English due to RP, as I know others have as well.
I learned Norwegian and Swedish from this game, and I don't regret a second of it. Some truly awesome & patient players in this community.
I learned that times change.
For every guild I created, or RP idea I had, and succeeded at, 3 failed.
So this game thaught me how the road to succes is paved with failure. I dare take chances more easily IRL too.
"If you are lost, ask a guard for directions". Obvious as it is, this advice can be genuinely useful in real life.

Also, as I come from a fairly conservative country, Argent Dawn was instrumental in teaching me acceptance of LGBT people and eventually helping me come to terms with the discovery that I myself was one of them. It inspired me to be myself despire the pressure from my authoritarian parents at the time.
This proved the be extremely interesting.

Let's keep this up so more people can share their experience with everyone else.

"Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it is the first step to humanity."
LGBT people

What is this. What does this mean?

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