Impossible to find tanks and healers

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30/08/2018 14:06Posted by Eighjan
30/08/2018 14:03Posted by Fatburger
Naturally people dont play tank or heal because the leveling experience and solo potential for DDs ist just WAY better.
By plying tank or heal i literally limit myself or am willing to everything slower than i could be
No problems on my Prot-adin (who's been Prot-levelled since Cata.), so far... but she's only my second 'actively levelled' character in BfA.

Will I Dungeon her in Randoms...? No; I don't even relish the possibility of overgeared elitists in Randoms as DPS.

Ofc you have no problems leveling. You are just twice as slow. Cant do Arena at all, are useless in 2/3 of all bgs and wold pvp.

Thats my point. By playing Brewmaster i would just limit my own gameplay.
I don't think I would tank or heal for anyone else but friends, one tiny small mistake and even if no one dies, the tirade of abuse is disgusting.
Any tank who is borderline average or mediocre to say the least will choose to join a guild instead of wasting time in pugs, it's a no brainer really why would any healer or tank do Pugs. The experience is beyond awful
I like healing, but these bonus rewards really are too weak to even consider doing low content like heroics. What's the daily hc AP like, 1% of your bar or less? If they really want us to queue, they know what to do.
30/08/2018 14:18Posted by Dottie
I don't think I would tank or heal for anyone else but friends, one tiny small mistake and even if no one dies, the tirade of abuse is disgusting.

This is exactly the reason why pubs have very few tanks or healers - too much attention is focused on them if something goes awry. Tanking and healing are both supporting roles. Supporting roles feel super great when you can virtually high five your friends for keeping everything under control, but in pubs people can be vicious.

I personally don't mind tanking or healing in pubs when the content is newer. But I remember trying to tank heroic pugs in late WotLK and WoD and having abuse flung at me all the time, and it put me off of it for such a long time.

The other issue with tanking especially is that it's practically difficult to main it if you want to raid. Most mythic rosters take 3-4 tanks - usually 2 regular tanks with some offspecs - so people unlikely see the point in mastering tanking in dungeons if they can't do it in raids anyway.
Two weeks now and no shield.
Give me shield i tank ( have sword)
I play 5 man almost exclusively as tank or heal. I was very rarely victim of abuse some people talking about in this thread. So it has something to do with not really great tanking or healing skills of some people i assume.
Though i am all up for increasing rewards, Right now call to arm bags worth 900g+ 2-3 runes, each ~700g, not really great for farming gold, but alongside some possible gear upgrades, it's pretty decent already.
Dps and tanks made me quit healing.
Tried tanking once. Dps and healers made me never want to do that again either.
There were also death threats and even a stalking incident (from a guy that stood in an instakill aoe and thought I should have healed him through it).
I just got tired of having to report people in every party, and wanted WoW to be a positive experience for me. Probably won't ever queue alone as a healer again, unless it's some trivial LFR wing I'd like the transmog from.

"But it doesn't happen to me personally so the issue doesn't exist and your feelings are invalid" is the prevailing theory though.
Rewards have nothing to do with it. Won't make me come back to it, and it won't make the issue go away. In a couple of years you'll just have to increase the rewards again, because it's not fixing anything.

[EDIT]: p.s. "If you get abuse you deserve it because you're just bad" style of argumenting is hopefully trolling or bait. Saying anyone deserves death threats due to making a mistake in a video game and apologizing for it (or worse, not making a mistake but someone doesn't want to admit theirs so they take it out on you), is alarming as heck. Get help, overly violent reactions to trivial things aren't safe or sane.
I dont tank pugs.
I dont need too as I have a friendly guild.
Also I dont want too, Im too tired to carry braindead dps that yell "GO GO GO".

Only thing Ill ever pug is M+.
Healers will not put up with the abuse they get in dungeons, especially when they blamed for the group wiping due to people over pulling or rushing ahead.
Just add more rewards for someone playing tank or healer.. simple as that. If you make the content beneficial to do then the useful specs will flock.

Basically - dumb game decisions means lack of tanks and healers
Reasons not to play tank.
- the dps monk will just run off and do your job anyways.
- get blamed for taking to long.

Reasons not to play healer.
- get blamed when dps monk pulls everything and group wipes.
- get blamed in general.
I tried to become a healer on a druid once, the average players in a dungeon changed my mind
If a tank or healer is raiding, he does not need to do dungeons.
30/08/2018 13:58Posted by Christel
Once people change their behaviour towards tanks and healers, I am sure more will come.
I am NOT going to tank any random or pugs, that's for sure

Perhaps if more tanks would act like less of a diva or demand to be treated like gods they would have a better time.
As resto healer sometimes its hard to keep people alive but I do my best if people trying to blame me I warning them 2 time I Will leave BUT iT never happend yet so No complains and i do join randoms cause i feel i need to help as healer I dont join dung Finder cause people want to make their OWN group to make iT better and dont wanna help out other people yust them zelfs I dont care in a dung if group wipes new people need to learn the game to so i yust do random dungs when i Go do mythics i dont care about item lvl i wont invité people that are 330 or 340 i invité low people
I understand the sentiment of not liking PUGs, I don't like them very much either, mostly because they tend to have a lot of players that are way worst at the game than the standard I'm used to when playing with my friends and guildies. But I have to say that people claiming that every PUG now is filled with people criticizing my every move is just not true. I've done a ton of puging this expansion so far, both in heroics with my alts and in mythics, some of which were pretty bad, and I didn't have any incidents of people being vile towards me.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen, and as a matter of fact I'm convinced it does sometimes, and that there are some players who can't understand that when you pick a stranger to join your group, they might make a mistake, and nerd raging at them won't actually fix it. Not to mention a lot of people being incapable of accepting they are the ones that made a mistake and should keep their voice down or at least apologize instead of yelling at the healer or tank. But I am saying that it definitely isn't happening as much as some of the posts suggest, because if it did happen practically every single run it would be impossible for me to not have a single occurrence of it on 3 healing characters and hundreds of dungeons.

The reason why I feel tanks and healers are less played is because they are in many places a lot less fun compared to DPS.

Take world quests, for example: a healer takes between twice and three times as long to complete one, and the fights are utterly boring (not limited to this expansion, it's the same in all of them except late MoP in my experience). Wouldn't it be ok to put some wounded NPCs that would be healed as well, at least in some world quest areas? Then the DPS could kill the unfriendly monsters, while the healing specced characters could heal the others. Something similar could be done for tanks, with some really hard hitting mobs that progress your quest the more damage they deal you prevent, though tanks don't have nearly as much trouble doing world quests compared to healers, because they can gather large groups of mobs and AOE them down thus completing at about the same rate as DPS specs.

Dungeon gameplay makes it so that it is a requirement for tanks to have good knowledge not only of their class, but also of the mechanics for each trash pack. Otherwise, after all, they are the first to die. As DPS and even as healer, you don't need as much prior knowledge until you reach far higher tiers of difficulty - you can pretty much go winging it, as long as you have enough sense to understand the dangerous mechanics on the fly (don't sit in the big orange thing, or the big puddle of green vomit, and so on). Similarly, raid gameplay for healers tends to be a whack-a-mole competition, and that also isn't terribly engaging in the end.

Finally, the positive output of a damage specced character is easy to see and gauge by simply installing any of the various damage meter addons. Seeing the better DPS out of the pack is immediately obvious, while their fallout (negative output) tend to be a lot less obvious. That is, again, not the same for tanks and healers. You don't see how much damage mitigation a tank had unless you are the healer that looks at the health bars all the time, and even then it is only obvious by comparison to past events (last time I was in this dungeon, the tank was taking a lot more/less damage), and you don't see how well / bad the healer is doing unless we all die all the time, and even then there is a good chance for it to actually not be the healer's fault. Sure, with experience people start having a better handle of when they have a good tank or healer or a bad one, but it is still a problem. Conversely, the mistakes made by both tanks and healers are immediately and easily observable. All this makes tanking and healing not be as rewarding, and it probably turns a lot of people who might be more shy or more easily intimidated away. I, for one, don't have a problem to yell at someone that starts yelling at me, if I know that I am right, but I have met people that do and wouldn't stand up for themselves even when they are unjustly targeted by someone else.
I refuse to tank or heal for randoms, people are too bad at the game. I tried to give it a shot with a freehold mythic group earlier, the tank runs into the 3 pirates and instantly dies and screams at me for not healing through it. Second attempt the warrior pulls a special olympics leap, pulls mobs and dies and then he's combat ressed and pulls another special olympics leap, wiping us. I just left the group. I won't put up with these kind of players.
30/08/2018 16:11Posted by Izila
30/08/2018 13:58Posted by Christel
Once people change their behaviour towards tanks and healers, I am sure more will come.
I am NOT going to tank any random or pugs, that's for sure

Perhaps if more tanks would act like less of a diva or demand to be treated like gods they would have a better time.
^ Probably a guy that flames his tank and ninja pulls.
It's not about rewards, it's finding a way to get people playing as a team not just out for themeslves.

As far as MMO's go Wow has one of the worst communities and its no wonder tanks and healers are sparse, nobody wants to deal with !@#$%y little DPS screaming at them or shouting orders at them, we're supposed to be having fun.


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