Returning player looking for guild!

Looking for Players – PvE
I recently returned to WoW after a break.
I am looking for a new guild to raid with, 2-3 raid days a week, good vibes, raid leaders and team to have fun with.
I have patience, a serious raider, prepared to learn and improve.
I don't mind if it is alliance or horde and will take any realm suggestions.
I am mainly Shaman/Paladin
Guild: Vicinity of obscenity -SemiHC
Server:Frostmane [A]
Raid Days: Fri-Sun
Times 8-11 Server
Progression: 11/11 HC
Loot System: Personal
Recruitment Needs: DPS,HEALERS, TANK
Contacts: /w Numlock#21955
Looking to step away from PUGS and form a Solid roster to chill and clear content

If you haven't already found somewhere just give me a shout.

You can see a bit more @ can have a chat and see if we would work for you
Hey Kilopiks,

Log Horizon is a HC raiding guild (though will be looking to push to mythic this expansion) looking for a few members to make up our core raid team for BFA. We're a small guild as I prefer to know the people in my guild, so if you're looking for 100+ players, we're definitely not for you :)

Our raid days/times are Friday and Saturday from 8pm server time. We have a more casual/alt raid on Mondays from the same time and we will be running M+ etc together.

We're alliance and on the Silvermoon server. My btag is Jennbug#2965 feel free to add me for a chat if you're interested.
Hey there Kilopiks
Blight is a 11/11 heroic guild on Tarren Mill Eu.
We are recruiting to fill our the last few spot for our raid roster to push Mythic progression in BFA and would like to offer you a trial.
We raid Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays 20:30 - 23:30st invites go out 15mins before so we pull the boss at half past on the dot.

For more info feel free to message me MiniNinja#222620
Hello there !
I represent a guild called Indomitable that is located on Tarren Mill Horde side.

We are a 2 day raiding guild that raids on wednesday and sunday with an optional raiding day on friday , that focuses on heroic and throws our weight at mythic without going for cutting edge unless it comes our way.

We are currently searching for our last few Rdps and healers and , we are open to people both hardcore and new, altough raid spots are only gauranteed to those who perform :)

Here's a link to our recruitment post.

We also have a website which we are currently working on to get back up to date for bfa , you can check it out here.

Would love to hear from you !


Inserted(GM) : Bnet : Anicky#21107 Discord : Inserted#6951
Terra ( Officer ) : Bnet : Terrasight#2821 Discord : Terrasight#758

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