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Looking for Players – PvE
There we go, another 1 of those guilds that will raid HC/mythic and is looking for players to fill up their roster in BFA. You might say, '1 of many i'll skip that'. Hold on a minute though. We are actually not like many, we understand wow is a place where different type of players come together and we offer you a niche that might just work out great for you personally. We also don't rush content, we do it at our own pace, no world/realm 1st happening here.

So what makes us special?
1.) We raid 2 progression nights a week (Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 to 23:30 CET). The core team we have is capable of finishing the progression with that. To do this we have and look for players that are committed to this specific goal. (on mondays we do alt runs, same time)
- Current progress: 8/8HC 2/8M

2.) To achieve the above mentioned goal we have dedicated players, this does not mean everyone is online 24/7. This means in this guild you are prepared. You know your class, you know the fights, you have all you need to excel during those 2 raid nights.

3.) We are able to maintain this "way of WoW" because we use a great amount of humor whilst playing. Humor does not only strenghten bonds, it keeps the spirits up. We don't just raid, we give you a night out.

We have more to offer then this, alt runs, mythic+ teams all the generic stuff most progression guilds offer you, but really, its all about the above mentioned 3 points.

So what are we looking for then?
- DPS Melee and ranged
- People who can take, enjoy and dish out some friendly banter.

Drop me Razilat#2672, Griznak#2261 or Booby#2453 a line ingame and we can discuss whatever you feel you need to know.
edited: Tuesday was ment to be wednesday!
Quick update, need a few more players to complement the team.

Dps Warrior
Retri paladin
are you in need of a 336 druid tank 2xhunter 1 rogue 1 shammy os healer all 335ilvl
19/08/2018 22:55Posted by Suzuyá
are you in need of a 336 druid tank 2xhunter 1 rogue 1 shammy os healer all 335ilvl

Sorry i haven't replied, I'm saddened to say i am not looking for more tanks. The rest i could fit in nicely. The best i could offer is 3rd tank :/ .

If you could hit me up on battle.net we can have a chat.
Still looking to fill a few spots. Ranged mainly:

- Boomkin
- Shadow Priest
- Mage
- Hunter

Other applications will be considered even if you do not qualify as a ranged dps.
We are still looking for a few specific classes to strengthen our team.

- DH (Havoc)
- Priest (any spec)
- Shaman (ele/resto)
Feel free to add me for a chat if a mage with alot of mythic exp is interesting

Post is updated, still looking for more players. Add me on b.net for a personal chat.
just updated, still need some players
Still looking for players for the mythic team. Updated the progress aswell.
Updated the post. We are looking for some DPs players.

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