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Argent Dawn
Hi there!

We have a problem and I'm hoping that this awesome community in Argent Dawn can help us.
We are a group of people who have been doing stuff together for quite some time now. We have played and are playing several different games together and most of us are friends in real life too.
The problem is that none of us has the time to start recruiting people for our own guild again so that we could get the critical mass together for regular activities as a guild.

So now we are looking for a guild that would like to take us in and give us a place to call home.
What we look from a guild is great people. We are not hoping or even desiring to raid 24/7 or to be part of some rules heavy guild that restricts you on what you can and can't do.
From us you would be getting a group of people that are always willing to help others and don't cause drama because of pixels.
There are 4-5 people that would be joining you. None of us has really chosen a main class yet so we are flexible in that front also.
We are on Alliance side.

I just came across these guys on the forum, maybe they are something you'd be interested in?
We're a PvE guild, Boogie knights, that have recently moved to the server, and are looking to build a community of players that are looking to have a relaxed, fun time. We're welcoming of all playstyles and interests, and hoping to build up our numbers heading further into BfA:

We would be intrested in providing a new home for you.

We are the group mention in the first post. Feel free to contacy me ingame if you would like. I cant answer for myself (i let people decide that for themself.), but i think the rest is great.. friendly helpful people.

And if your into rp or wish to try it out.. even better. ;)
If you're still looking then Azerothian Knights would be happy to have you!

We're pretty casual - I'm the only 120 thus far - but I'm trying to scrape together enough people to run some content a couple of nights a week. We also do some light RP but it's not an organised thing and there's no requirement to do it.

If you're interested throw me a /w!

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