Kul Tiras vs Zandalar

So, what does everyone think? Which one do you prefer and why?

Honestly, I like the look of Kul Tiras better. Nazmir is a pretty cool place, but Zuldazar is underwhelming and Vol'dun is a boring, empty desert.
20/08/2018 12:50Posted by Soliana
So, what does everyone think? Which one do you prefer and why?

Honestly, I like the look of Kul Tiras better. Nazmir is a pretty cool place, but Zuldazar is underwhelming and Vol'dun is a boring, empty desert.

Not played enough of Zandalar yet but both has their pros and cons.

I feel both fit each faction quite well. Kul Tiras is a lot more human focused and centred around humany things like witches and pirates etc

Zandalar seems to be more centred around monsters and the like which fits the Horde a bit better.

I need to finish all of Kul Tiras and then level my Horde character but I do have to say that Kul Tiras has some of the most amazing locations I have seen in WoW.
I love Kul Tiras, but whenever I go out to Zandalar I find myself somewhat missing the lush jungles.
I'm really in two minds about the zones. I think I love them both equally and this is from a fairly exclusive Alliance player.
Kul Tiras has awesome Drustvar. The rest is OK.

Zandalar has super-crappy Vol'Dun. Rest is awesome.
Kul Tiras is far better, overall I think. It really does feel like an actual kingdom that is being lived on by thousands of people, with a naturalness to the land itself and how the towns and villages have formed up over the years. It's very refreshing to step into town where it's not a copy/pasted two houses, blacksmith and an inn.

Zandalar on the other hand just feels like any other collection of standard zones. A desert, a jungle and a swamp with nothing all that remarkable about them. The Golden City is great, but the rest of the continent is just so 'eh'. I don't feel like the first and most powerful empire on Azeroth is really all that remarkable, the zones could've been stapled on anywhere else and it would feel no different.
Zandalar. I like the foreign aspect to it. It's new and different. Kul Tiras is rather boring and as Horde it's a bit of a pain to navigate until you can set up some outposts to fly over the mountains.
I just finished all the chapters in Zandalar,and like it,Voldun is my fave zone,just cause i am more of a desert guy.Also gave a good look at the ally side on this toon.

Prepering to level my Ally pala,i did the inital quests and i also like it.

Overral id say to each there own,or as the old Latin saying goes:"De gustibus non est disputandum."
Kul Tiras is well made, so well that it perfectly represents a port-city........which isn't that special..... Zandalar, on the other hand, is spectacular, way more colorful and vibrant, fit for a fantasy world. Effort has been put into both tho', that's obvious. It comes down to tastes, just as Vol'dun isn't badly designed or "low effort", it's simply a desert and people don't like deserts.....
Honestly the Aztech dinosaur theme really does not appeal to me.
Could not care less about their zone.
They are all dark and ugly.
I love em' both! Incas Vs Pirate is a good change from the usual stuff in the game!
Such hate for vol'dun, it's my favorite zone. It feels quite like the desert (except you can't feel the scorching hot sun, but I can still remember it). Yet there are nice structures to find.

Now the quests in nazmir make me uncomfortable, like I'm living through someone's sexual fantasies when it comes to the blood trolls. I don't mean they are barely dressed but more the dominating men thing.

I ignore the foxes in vol'dun in that regard.
Having seen the Alliance side of questing the islands of Kul Tiras and now starting to quest with my hordie toon i can say that both zones look great.
I loved the Drustvar quest line, had some good fun but with some annoyance -due to kill x to get y items quests- in Tiragarde and somewhat less in Stormsong (Bee mount!).
I like the lovecraftian quest line in Stormsong though.

Zuldazar is great. A land forgotten from time scenery and the quests i did there as a hordie were extremelly well written and presented. I eagerly wait to find time to continue the main story there.
My first interaction with Nazmir was for an Alliance questline that was very loyal to the name of the place, Heart of Darkness, and was a great tribute to J. Conrad or Apocalypse Now if you prefer.
I was blown away by the awesomeness of barren land in Vol'dun. It makes me wonder, what sort of disaster happened that made this place a desert and how was this place before.

The game has some issues to attend to but both the new zones are well made, each of them offers something great and different from the other.
Both zones are well made but I prefer nore Zandalar not only due to aesthetics but because of story as well.
Both zones are beautiful but i do agree that Vol'dun is a bit dull so im gonna go with Kul Tiras
Zandalar forever!
Tirisgarde and DrustVar are the 2 best zones ever introduced in any WoW-Addon, so there is no competition there.
Stormsong Valley is amazing at first, but after the first third of the zone it quickly becomes very tedious and at times godawful.

I dont like the jungle and/or the desert, so I cant say much good about those zones.
the Snakepeople and the Turtles are cool though.
I only started leveling my alliance character last night but so far I can say Boralus is so easier to navigate that Dazar'alor.

Also, getting kind of bored of trolls. Blood trolls, undead trolls, sandfury trolls. Ugh.

Aesthetically, I think I prefer Kul tiras.
Zandalar made me jealous of Horde. Up until that point I was forced to navigate through the place, especially Nazmir and the capital. I'm happy with my grasslands and some mountains, tyvm.
I love Zandalar and Nazmir, both design and story was more interesting to me than the Kul'tiras ones (except Drustvar). I don't know why they had to ruin it with Vol'dun, its like the mixture of Silithus and Tanaris, the two place i hate the most. But the story was okay-ish there.

Drustvar is definitely one of my new favourite zones in the game. I love creepy zones. Stormsong Valley is a nice place but the story felt like a longer Azsuna questline, Azshara's minions are here because she has some plan, defeat them, end. Tiragarde Sound is cool, but i always loved troll city design more, so i'm happy that at least we got one.
Yeah horde zones are as usually empty, ugly places and i wonder where people actually live.

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