Sesmic Wave

Is Sesmic Wave still the best trait? :) If not is it all in Thunderous Blast now?
at the moment it is, but there is an incoming nerf coming to it.
Duplicative Incineration (Mage) damage reduced by 50%.
Galvanizing Spark (Mage) Arcane Blast damage increase reduced by 10%.
High Noon (Druid) damage reduced by 52%.
Inevitable Demise (Warlock) no longer erroneously increases Drain Soul damage.
Judicious Defense (Paladin) fixed an issue causing this trait to display two separate buff icons.
Pressure Point (Monk) damage for Brewmaster reduced by 60%. Damage for Mistweaver reduced by 28.5%.
Revolving Blades (Demon Hunter) now reduces your next Blade Dance by 3 Fury per enemy struck (was 5).
Seismic Wave (Warrior) damage reduced by 58%.
Shrouded Suffocation (Rogue) damage reduced by 11%. Fixed an issue that caused this trait's damage increase to fail.
Swelling Streams (Shaman) healing reduced by 30%.
Unbound Chaos (Demon Hunter) damage reduced by 53%

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