Help FP in Shrine of The Storm

As horde in Stormsong Valley.

Name "Shrine of The Storm" isle. How I get flying point?
It's hard see how I can go up. Much annyoing mobs daze/stun me when I looking it and damn mountains.

Thank you if you help me
Late reply but I signed up for a shrine of the storm mythic dungeon group and asked people if they can summon me on my alt.
I wonder if the flight-point in question is part of the Horde War Campaign...? Even Alliance could do with exercising a bit of caution, up there, as both flight-points are as close to each other as to be just outside aggro range of any NPC's guarding them.

... very similar set-up to the Thorium Point flight masters, imo...
You can get this flightpath quite easily as horde. Travel by boat to Stormsong Valley then use ideally a water mount to travel east until you are at the northern part of the island where the fp is located. Once you try to ascend the mountain from the northernmost tip you will get a three seconds debuff that you are being suffocated. Then you will be teleported to the entrance of the Shrine of the Storm dungeon and you can get the flightpath :)

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