The Hippy Tree

Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt et al.
To be fair it had to go.

There's only so many daisy chains and folk singing that a person can biologically handle before skin cells start to degrade and large hives and rashes begin.

Unfashionable flared pants, the smell of incense and the sound of acoustic guitars playing sombre notes. The smell of boiled lentils and unpronounceable vegetables, the inability to shave armpits and the flaunting of spider-like leg hair.

This was all very distressing for me, I'm the purest caliber of a man, a manly man who does man things. So when I saw that druid in a tight leather Cheyenne-inspired loin cloth playing a faux animal skin tambourine, saying he worships ancient, mystical guardians of the forest I just panic burnt that overgrown bush right down.

Sure, call me over assertive, but give Sylvanas a break, she didn't have anything to do with it.
Maybe you need to read Before the Storm before preaching that Sylvanas cant do no wrong.
More books = Less trees.

I'm down for that.
Making friends as usual there Harry? Haha
Harry and his booze
13/08/2018 11:13Posted by Drashra
Harry and his booze

The scariest part is I wrote that completely sober

13/08/2018 08:06Posted by Nichneven
Making friends as usual there Harry? Haha

Before the Undercity fell I worked in the UC personnel department, was my job to gather all the humans and put them into departments, generally dimly lit departments, and when I say departments, I really mean dungeons.

So, yes, you could very well say that I am a people person.
I hear you're an arsonist now, Harry?
Everyone's saying it, Harry. Should we all be arsonist now?
What's the official line the Horde has taken on this?
If you want initial street credibility my advice is to start small, put a lighter to your wife's knickers, melt some biro pens over an open flame. Get the real feel for it.

You'll be setting fire to those pesky druid communes in no time whatsoever.
Dark lady watch over you,

I see that you appear to be offering advice without charging a fee; hopefully you can offer some wise words of assistance.

Do you have a solution for keeping an acceptably damp tongue? I used to wear a suitable cowl on particularly windy days that would somewhat help - high winds are the worst when it comes to the drying out of the old dangler - but I became sick of using a lint roller to remain presentable whenever I had to meet important folk. I can still taste the ichor now...

Hoping you have some great advice as I'd really like to give the full drooling fear factor when murdering innocents in new lands!
Bad Uncle watch over you,

My friend, may I suggest you find a living companion with functioning secretion glands.

I find that keeping my detachable tongue tucked within the moist recesses of a Tauren's armpit or groin not only keeps the fungus off, but creates the most incredible blend of flavours you'll ever experience in Kalimdor.

Throw in an Orc into the mix and you'll have a spicy cocktail that will keep you warm and energized throughout the Silverpine winter.
After giving this a lot of thought, I've come to the conclusion that Anduin Wrynn is a bit of a poof.
13/08/2018 14:25Posted by Tacto
After giving this a lot of thought, I've come to the conclusion that Anduin Wrynn is a bit of a poof.

Real priests don't wear plate.

Real priests are down at the gym every night fighting iron, taut pecks poking out of our cloth robes, streams of sweat running down our backs in a cascade of success.

This Auduin, prancing around on his stallion, not a mark of dirt on him. Such a pretender. At least Varian looked a bit rugged/piratey.
13/08/2018 14:55Posted by Harryrotter
This Auduin, prancing around on his stallion, not a mark of dirt on him. Such a pretender. At least Varian looked a bit rugged/piratey.

Varian was a Warrior
This undead pile of garbage, shows surprising insight, for a being of a race enslaved by the will of his betters.

The Hippy tree, it always annoyed me, and the race that resided there, seemed to have held itself, above all others. A self proclaimed importance strange to me, for usually they looked like tribal creatures, so uncivilized.

I am glad, someone so hard on the eyes, yet of sound mind, cleansed the whole thing with fire.
Sylvanas or not.. Whomever behind the scheme overlooked many key details and in that failed to secure an even more impressive victory. Whether or not their purpose all along was to do such a hatchet-job of arsony that would make Disaster Girl's smirk fade faster than WoW's subscription count.

The Chinese were behind it. It is an allegorical moral victory that they're flaunting in our face. Their stratagem was always this: To make pansy-!@# elves lose their $%^-, have a quasi-villain Corpse-bride as the patsy while the real players continue to maneuver unexposed, undisturbed.

You are sheep.
Look, we don't have to have an in depth analysis of the stratagem, or to understand the psychological reasoning behind the tree burning.

I just burnt it down because hippies are a unsightly blight and they bring up the price of yogurt in supermarkets.

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