New to AD and LFG - [A] PvE + RP

Argent Dawn
Like the topic suggests I'm new to Argent Dawn and I'm looking for a guild.

I was previously playing on Defias Brotherhood but the RP community, at least on the Horde, felt a little non existent. Halfway through Legion my guild disbanded and friends drifted apart so I decided a move to AD was in order and used my 110 boost on Dhyanara - this monk.

I haven't rped enough with Dhya to get to grips fully with her character but the essence is that she is adventurous, just and revels in new experiences. She is always seeking to improve and bring herself closer to the light in whichever way she can.

She believes that her body is the ultimate weapon through which to channel the light and specialises in a form of martial arts through which her attacks are enhanced with holy energy. This has earnt her the moniker Holyfist.

As for PvE i'd be looking for a guild able to offer mythic dungeons and normal/heroic raiding. Preferably OOC. I'm not sure if any guilds will be able to offer both of dungeons and RP but it's not too important that you offer both. My main goal is to find some buds to enjoy BFA with and to have fun with the Argent Dawn community.

If you think there's room for me in your guild or community, please send me a message on this character or add my Real ID WizardOfFoz#2838

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