PVP Island expeditions not attractive enough?

With the announcement of the addon, I had huge hopes for the new feature and I even imagined that it could become another competitive / ranked mode next to RBG and arena.

However, if you look at the reward structure, you will immediatly see that it makes no sense to queue for PVP.

Normal difficulty: Collect 6000 Azerite and receive 150 AP for the victory
Heroic difficulty: Collect 9000 Azerite and receive 225 AP for the victory
Mythic diifficulty: Collect 12 000 Azerite and receive 300 AP for the victory
PVP difficulty: Collect 12 000 Azerite and receive 300 AP and 10 conquest points

Initially, there has been much hype around the "advanced AI", which turned out to be potatoe. At a certain point you will win 100% of all normal, HC and mythic island expeditions WITH EASE. There will be a cookie cutter strategies that counter the script and farming the mythic diffulty will be simple.

The PVP difficulty will alway remain a toss-up. Of course, if you are an extremely strong player, you may have a very high win quota. But unless it is close to 100% it will be smarter to spam the free wins of mythic difficulty.

So the honest question would be, why bother? With War mode there is at least a slight incentive to take risks, but on island expeditions it makes no sense at all to go with the PVP route. It will be more difficult and provide fewer rewards.
Idgaf about the Rewards aslong as it is more fun.
While this is a very fair opinion to have as an individual player, I am not sure it is enough for larger parts of the community. If one thing was missing in Legion PVP . Then it was tangible rewards. I think / fear that they will start out great but once people lose a few games or do the math, many many will opt out of the PVP mode because it is objectively worse.

Edit: different toon because on tablet
Its going to be just like random BG, you will end up with people that are clueless and unable to do damage, one team will stomp the other from the get go and we will ONCE AGAIN, complain about this !@#$e


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