Why does it seem that 90% of Horde are Belfs?

Well in my case I can be one other race and I don't like the melee animations of Tauren. That said, I have every class at 90 or above and only 3 of them are Blood Elves.

But yeah, class restriction on races plays a part and looking pretty is obviously another part of it. Also if you're a demon hunter it's literally the only race you can be.
21/08/2018 22:13Posted by Fòrum
I play Nightborne, simply because I love the lore, the look and them being Nelfs with a more accurate body for males.
I mean, comon; they acctually have a but!

Them being Horde is just a bonus

Females look like skinny males tho.
21/08/2018 19:18Posted by Ghazpeshi
21/08/2018 19:05Posted by Agalja
Do you know why Blood Elves were added to the horde in the first place? Because all their races are ugly, and understandably not many people would want to play as one. Blizzard HAD to add Blood Elves or else you'd have realms made out of 95% alliance and 5% horde. So that's why you only see belfs, its the people that want to be the edgy bad guy but still pretty.

But im honestly surprised there are still so few orcs after the back fixing.

Guess they have too much manliness to handle for most players.

Because back fix is really looking stupid. Standing like Superman or some moron kid with ego issues.

Why can't we have a normal fixed back Orc.
Because you’re ignoring every other race.

I’ve seen more Orcs this expansion than anything else with the new straight back option.
21/08/2018 20:36Posted by Lolmang
the others dont look good?

Looking at your character half rotten jaw makes me want to puke. So yeah...
21/08/2018 22:40Posted by Rezista
21/08/2018 20:36Posted by Lolmang
the others dont look good?

Looking at your character half rotten jaw makes me want to puke. So yeah...

You're literally looking at the back of their head. No Jaw in sight and if it does make you throw up.... Maybe give it a fancy helmet. Or a bandana.
21/08/2018 17:37Posted by Heymom
Why does it matter?

Indeed why does it matter.
21/08/2018 17:46Posted by Kåi
The other models are stupid. Blizz know this as well which is why any promo or lore characters are never the same as the game models

Warcraft movie orcs = beastly gladiators
In game orcs = goofy down-syndrome cases

Sylvanas and Nathanos = badass zombies
Actual player undead = skanky drug addicts

Creasing xD
Because virginity is rife amongst wow players.
Because I prefer aesthetics rather than looking like a savage in a trash can. Seriously, the alliance have 10000x better looking armor than the trash can wearing horde, but unfortunately my friends play horde soo....

Tauren are cool as tanks, because they look like literal tanks and trolls are alright, so I guess there are some redeeming qualities to the horde races other than belves.

Edit2: Nightbourne are right next to belves in terms of aesthetics, too bad they don't have paladins :/
Because horde is a bunch of FOTM rerollers. BE racial was OP during the Legion that's why there is so many BEs, but now their racial is nerfed to the ground. When people will start to unlock dark iron dwarfs, lots of people from the horde will start to reroll to dark iron dwarfs.
Coz Paladin, let us have Zandalari Prelates and I'll consider a race change. I don't like how Tauren look in armour. Racial has its benefits and also still generates 1 HP, helpful when we're completely starving for HP.

Also I've been seeing more straight back Orcs than Belfs to be honest.

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