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Just like in MOP, there should be bonus 100% xp to reps in Legion(legacy content now) if you already have achieved exalted with that faction on your battlenet account.

The current system of gettibg 85 rep for a WQ is silly.
They should either:

- increase the rep gains from world quests to something more manageable.
- Decrease the requirement to revered rep instead of exalted.
- Introduce rep gains from mobs or dungeons in their respective zones.
- Give a rep tabard so that you can play new content and boost an old rep you want.

This is all for the old Legion reps ofc, the new ones should stay as they are.
Any fix to this broken issue?
Little bit of a rant here, sorry, but I think it is necessary to list all this things to see what the current legion rep-systems costs a player in time and effort...

After getting to exalted 29 times for Army of the light and 21 times for Highmountain and still not getting the last 2 mounts I am missing (worked on all of them for the whole legion expansion on 3-4 characters) I am kinda tired of doing the following almost every week:

- army of the light emissary worldquests on 4 characters = 16 to 32 worldquests
- worldquests that award army of the light rep tokens on 6 characters = 6 to 18 worldquests
- 4 highmountain worldquests on 4 characters = 16 to 32 worldquests
- 3 kirin tor worldquests on 4 characters = 12 to 24 worldquests
- need to have them parked there OR travel to the mission table (DAILY !) because they took away the legion phone APP :( so sad ;_;

Last but not least one more thing about the legion missions:
In the app, just before they took it down to replace it with the BFA app, there where some missions awarding orderhall ressources, but now the app AND those ressource missions are gone.
So after I will have spent all my ressources, I will have to do even MORE worldquests on all 4 characters just to keep the reputation missions going...

Thinking about this, I think I spent almost the same amount of time still with old legion content as with BFA at the moment.

Yes, I DO know I can decide if I want to do this content or not, but from a game design point of view, they know exactly that any serious mount farmer will keep doing those reputation farms as long as it takes.

So yeah, I will continue doing this, but I hope they will not make the same error again (looking at island expedition mount drop rates here!), and maybe even do something to help us farmers out a bit.

Tabards for current content and increasing world quest rep sounds good to me :)

Thanks for reading!
yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
I've been farming the highmountain moose for a year now, and really don't see why it should be so hard to get.
Either they should add 200% legion rep bonus atleast, or just make the mounts purchaseable at exalted.
Opened over 20 highmountain chests and a dozen of other paragon rewards aswell, and the only mount I've gotten was the army of the light elephant :P
Still no fix to old reputations.
This is an important aspect of RPG.
I want my alts to reach exalted with some factions, me having done it before should improve my rate of rep gain.

Otherwise just add mobs that die and give rep just like in vanilla...

WQs for 75 rep x5 every day is NOTHING
Yeah I totally agree.

Please make the Legion Paragon-Reputation-Grind more manageable or more rewarding.

Increase drop chance of mounts, increase reputation gain or decrease reputation needed.
Agree, this needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Reputation gain increase, reputation needed decrease, up the % chance for mounts or just plain ol' bad luck protection system. Also, curious coins are obsolete really, maybe a vendor?

It's easy yet so hard, eh, Blizz?
It took 39 paragon reward chests to get my last army of the light mount.. still no luck on my highmountain (around 36 tries now)

They gonna increase army of the light and argussian rep with BFA 8.1 (they said it in the Q&A)

But we heard nothing about other reputations.

I also never got any mounts from the island expeditions (around 150 tries now), I guess this will also take years to get all mounts from there.
Need a wow break I guess...
Legion wq used to be give 250 rep around even durning expansion.
Now rep gain similar to BFA lol.

Nightmare for pathfinder hunters.
Err, no. Free exalted characters completely trivializes the Paragon mounts, especially since order hall missions now give resources.

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