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Twisting Nether
Conspiracy were the premier guild on Twisting Nether from The Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King after which time we disbanded due to losing core members to real life commitments causing them to quit the game entirely. After we disbanded we had members joining such top guilds as Method, Envy, Paragon, Numen and Nova. A few years later a bunch of us decided to play Legion very causally as socials in a friends guild, towards the end of Legion we decided we wanted to try our hand at raiding again, just not quite as hardcore as before, dropping to a 3 day a week schedule when needed, and a 2 day schedule when not.

We're looking for players who have experience raiding at a good level, who care about their character and who are genuinely interested in progressing through the hardest content the game has to offer. Mythic raiding can be expensive and frustrating and it's not for everyone, but if you love a challenge and have the patience to improve then you're definitely the type of player we're looking for.

If you're interested in potentially joining please fill out the form on our website (listed below)

Recruiting: Low: Mage, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Balance Druid - Medium: Hunter - High: Mistweaver Monk, Healing Priest, Warlock
Minimum Item level: 375
Minimum Heart of Azeroth: 25

Website: conspiracywow.co.uk
Recruitment Form: conspiracywow.co.uk/recruitment
Current Progress: 5/8 Mythic
Updated: 25th October 2018
Would you be interested in someone who could only come on a weekend / potentially fill in gaps during the week.
We've had an overwhelming positive response to recruiting so we're now currently only looking for the following classes:

Havoc Demon Hunter (Priority)
Retribution Paladin

@Leylow No, sorry, we're only looking for people who can commit to both progress raids.
We've decided to also open recruitment for:

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
If you suddenly need an experienced warrior and MW monk/Disc or holy priest add me: Fraith#2695
Balance and Shadow spots filled. Still looking for a Havoc Demon Hunter, Retribution Paladin and Unholy/Frost Death Knight.
Currently in need of an exceptional healer. We're now 8/8, 8/8, 2/8.
@Hailhack You guys still looking for a ret paladin perhaps?
hello im looking for a guild to call it home looking for a guild who like to progress in end game ,i will like to help the guild grow and have a stable roster my gear in not top but im working on it if you guys need me plz let me know .
Still in search for a Ret pally?
We're not, no, sorry. I've updated the OP with more up to date information.
Currently in need of a Mistweaver Monk as ours left unexpectedly, appropriate gear, neck and experience required. We're currently 5/8M and working on Zul (sub 10% wipes).
Updated. We're open to all exceptional players to differing degrees, check the OP.

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