Arms survivability in solo PvE content..

..or the lack of it? Dinged this alt warrior few days ago, got few pieces of heroic gear and now I get absolutely stomped by World Quest mobs etc. Mobs hit insanely hard even tho I'm wearing plate and Victory Rush just doesn't seem to cover it. I know we lost lots of sustain from Artifact Traits etc when Legion ended but I think something must be done as I don't want to play melee class that has to eat sea crackers after every pull.

Any fellow warriors experiencing this? And no, I will not switch to Fury, been playing Arms since WotLK. I think they should give us back the trait that healed us for a portion of Mortal Strikes damage as a baseline passive or something. I have retri main and havoc alts also and atm I see no point struggling with my arms warrior even tho it's been my favorite alt and only class that I have leveled in every expansion of WoW.
Yes it feels bad tbh... pvp is just as bad.
Same issue brother. I'm soul locked to Arms and it's awful at the moment. They have apparently buffed our AoE effectiveness, but survivability is still lacking :(

Doing a pack of mobs feels like fighting against some elite. Burning all offensive and defensive skills, just to barely survive and, as you said, have a seat for a sea cracker.

Seeing Demon Hunter jumping into 6-7 mob crowd, halving their HP with eye beam and finishing them off in a few seconds regaining full healht makes me sad :(

If this would be overall situation for all classess I wouldn't mind, but making some classes OP when underpowering others ain't cool.

Lok 'Tar, we'll get there
It's mental but I actually find my survivability is better as Arms than as Prot when doing WQ's or PvP.
Talent second wind, use DBTS to become immune to melee attacks, use intimidating shout if things get too rough and leap away to heal to full then charge back in and pick them off.

Arms has amazing world survival, I've never had any issues due to second wind and victory rush combined with the super high burst AOE damage, means you can pull as much as you want and bladestorm + DBTS to literally take no damage.

Then heal up with victory rush as you pick them off.
Yeah its garbage but all you need to do is impeding victory and chain heal from kills.

Focus down adds to give you that heal reset.

For large packs you wanna pop avatar and whatnot, then DBTS then leap in and bladestorm

finish off kills for heal reset when necessary
I'm so glad I am playing with my healer friend.
lol arms is strong in wq /dungens /pve/lvling
paavop sry man but that azorite skills are garbage to wq and the skills....try the the bladestorm/warbreaker
Arms is a god in pve , and quest.....

We just need stun baseline 5 sec so i can take victory rush heal talent for pvp....

if they put this change i will close an eye for the 45k damage taken from touch of death skill vs a monk in world pvp.... i was running and see all my life dropped down in a few secs....

all hunters cc and heals and defensives....

all ret damage and surv skills whit stuns, heals , shields , bubbles........
You have to run the talent that makes Victory Rush usable every 30 seconds as well as second wind

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