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Twisting Nether

I'm a Swedish bloke named John, 26 years of age. I've played this game since 6 months into Vanilla with a couple of longer breaks.

I've raided basically every content out there with Ulduar and the entire WOD expansion as an exception on a decently lvl and now I'm looking for a new home on TN.

I'm social, vocal and mature.
What I can offer is humor, banter and good experience (as mentioned above), good output and I know how to avoid fire, oozes and other DOT-ground effects.

What I'm looking for is a guild with alot going on, an active discord, regular mythic plus runs with high goals, decent raiding environment with preferably 2 days a week as a weekly schedule. Im availible monday - friday every week and will spend alot of time on WOW. Swedish is a plus but not a must ,an age barrier of 20 or atleast 18+ would be very interesting.
The raiding doesnt have to be top notch, clearing content on Mythic the first 5 weeks after release is hardly a must, but clearing it before next content is released is something i value highly.

When it comes to experience during the years:

Emerald dragons, Onyxia, AQ20, MC cleared.
BWL up to the twin drakes & a few bosses in AQ40.

Cleared everything, Kael'thas and Vashj 1 week after first nerf. Second guild after MYM on Vek'nilash.

Cleared everything apart from Ulduar, Lich King after 20% debuff.

Cleared everything with Nightwatchers on Outland, second best on the realm at the time. Sinestra and Ragnaros top 150 world

Cleared everything up to Paragons of the Klaxxi on HC

Not my cup of tea expansion, break.

Raided everything but Antorus on a decent lvl, noting impressive but the first two tiers cleared on mythic.

Logs can be found from legion if you look up Pines/Spines - Moonkin druid on Emerald dream.

Hola at ya boy if it sounds interesting.
Hey, I’d like to chat! Please add my Btag Rokhnar#2747. We are an ex realm first mythic guild (outland alliance) currently recruiting for BFA.
Hey lets talk Travers#2789
Still searching.
hey man, give me a message when you have time iyax#2678
Here is my battletag for a chat; Cassula#2876
Hej! Adda hagfalt#2618
Hi Infernon, Our guild Risen is interested in a warlock currently, and you sound like the right fit for us! we are sat at 6/8 Heroic uldir progress and hope to push into mythic ASAP. We where formed back in antorus and didnt get too much progress (3/8 M). Recently we have been pushing harder to achiv our goal of Cutting edge.
Inside and out raiding, we like to have lots of banter with each other, and have a good laugh. We also do lots of mythic +.

I wouldnt like to make this too long for you to read. But if this sounds like what your looking for then here is my Btag, Discord, and a link to our forum post for more infomation for you.


Hey Infernon!

Are you looking to get carried and breezing through Mythic, or are you looking for a group to share blood, sweat and tears to push through HC to get a false sense of accomplishment? :P

We're currently 6/8 Normal and 2/8 HC. Feel free to come fail with us <3

In case of the latter, hit me up ingame. Or /w Thelymus or Nythaesia. Tranquillity might just be the kind of folks you're looking for.
It looks like you're exactly what we're looking for - and hopefully we can suit your interests too!
I'm recruiting for the guild <Rival> - a 2-day raiding guild, raiding Tues/Thurs with an optional (HC boost) run on Wednesday's. We're pushing for back-to-back Cutting Edge's throughout this expansion and are currently sitting comfortably at 2/8M with good progression on Zek'Voz - likely 3/8 this reset (at least).
If any of that sounds appealing to you, and if you're still looking for a new home, then feel free to message me on my battletag at Turtle#2170 and we can discuss further on there!

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