(A)Looking for social/light RP guild

Argent Dawn

I'm currently guildless and it's pretty lonely so I'm on the hunt for a nice social established guild.

I dont usually raid, LFR is pretty much my "raiding" I enjoy battlegrounds sometimes but i'm quite prone to rage quitting, my activites in game usually consist of questing, farming old raids and rep grinding, and levelling alts

I'm not the best roleplayer due to anxiety but can accept being in a light rp guild if shown the ropes.

I'm not really after huge guilds either as I feel I'm just a number, so small or medium sized guild where people are friendly and know each other well is ideal.

Thanks for reading.

Please message me in game on Tanvar, send me a mail or reply in the thread as I'll check it regularly if this sounds like your guild.
Still looking.

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