Allied Race recruit-a-friend, Friend boosts to you

I have been leveling my Void elf and my friend has decided to try wow and i suggested the recruit-a-friend and was wondering if i gift levels to his level 1 character am i still eligible for the heritage armour set
I don't think you giving your friend levels would make you unable to get heritage armor. If it were to be other way, your friend granting you levels then it would make you not eligable.

Although this could use blue response to clarify it.
That's what i was thinking as i know you can't level boost if you are a allied race but a friend boosting to you should work in my opinion.
Receiving granted levels from Recruit A Friend would make the character ineligible for the heritage armor set.
but i am not receiving them my friend is.
If your friend grants levels to one of your Allied Race characters, it makes your character ineligible to receive the Heritage Armor.

If you grant levels to one of your friend's characters, that won't effect your eligibility for the armor.

But only the recruited player accumulates levels that can be granted, so that would be your friend. If they were to grant any of those levels onto your Void Elf, that would make your Void Elf ineligible for the armor.
OK thanks thats what i wanted to know
Then basically, if your friends trolls you at lvl 89 or something, you're done :).
Or maybe just press that by mistake, out of curiosity. Maybe that option would be best removed.
19/08/2018 15:20Posted by Icetalon
Maybe that option would be best removed.

Or additional checkbox that clearly states "Your character will be ineligible--"

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