How is this fun?

15 minute battleground queues just to get put in a team without healer against 1-3 disc priests every time?
People start leaving after the first fight cause the end is already fixed.
And it continues until the bg ends where maybe 3 out of the original 10 are left.
And even with 5-7 new players there's still not a single healer.
And if the enemies feel spitefull, they won't even play the objective much and extend the game as long as possible.
Roll a healer - problem solved :-)
You can use the mercenary system to join the Alliance, if you want. Then you get ~1 minute queues.

Look for Sergeant Wilson at The Mugambala. He'll offer you a mercenary contract.

People leaving and Discipline Priests being popular is just how the game is played. Some people are sore losers, who would have thought? And people like playing strong specs, who would have thought?
If you don't like it, don't play it. Do Rated Battlegrounds instead, or queue with friends if random plebs aren't your cup of tea.

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