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If I were a betting elf, I would suggest that the fact there is a mechanic that requires you to move accompanied with a mechanic that requires you to limit your movement is the entire point of the encounter.
28/08/2018 10:17Posted by Vunde
27/08/2018 17:13Posted by Pihalecsmrti
Infernal strike adds around 30-40 % poison to the bar

That does suck. Even if they change nothing about the fight they should definitely change this for Vdh.

(edit: I find it an interesting fight idd, but I can see how it's punishing Vdh specifically far too much).

Thank you so much for understanding.
I haven't had a problem with the fight as a tank; doing it fairly easily on mythic even.

Granted, one thing I can agree with is that knockbacks or movement spells like blink/infernal strike should not add to the bar. That's just silly!
Dome this fight on hc and on mythic had bo problem with it. Just need to do planning. I hope they dont nerf it. 1 of the hardest and funniest boss. This boss needs good tanking spot. I am melee and never filled my bar. Encounters like this makes it feel rewarding when you get loot.
Dont suck.

Easy fight.
Honestly, I don''t think the fight is 'overtuned'. I don't think the mechanics are particularly difficult.

What makes it ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING and what makes me wipe at least a couple times every week, is how clunky the camera is in this game and how that arena is designed.

For one, that short bit of railing in the middle completely blocks line of sight. Meaning that if I want to stay a bit further back, half the time I can't heal the tank or any of the melee. But what takes the cake is the freaking knockback. Every single time it will throw me into a wall, that railing, a cannon, a bit of a staircase or a freaking pebble on the ground and then the camera will immedietely stick to my bum. Blizzard, I like staring at bums as much as the next guy, but when doing a fairly complicated boss, my priorities are shifted slightly and I WANT TO SEE ALL THE CRAP I NEED TO DODGE AND NOT MY SEXY NIGHT ELF BUM.

Honestly, every time I do this encounter, it feels more like I'm fighting the game engine instead of the boss. Kinda like the Explosive M+ affix, the difficulty isn't in the tuning or mechanic execution, but in how clunky the game is.
Actually one thing I noticed last night, is that for Havoc, Metamorphises also gives you a massive amount on the bar.
Which doesnt make it easy using your cd unless it is right on pull (which it should but might not be be possible due to last fight speed trash is cleared etc).
well OP, clearly Blizzard thought the same as you because they have now nerfed the fight:

Tol Dagor
Overseer Korgus’s Heartstopper Venom now accrues 25% slower, and fully depletes over 2 seconds when the target is stunned by it.
a shame, it was such a fun fight
03/09/2018 11:59Posted by Madtotem
a shame, it was such a fun fight

Many specs had issues simply due poison was counting jumping movement too. My WW monk got 30 to 40% poison simply using Whirling Dragon Punch, because it makes you jump in air. That was without ANY other movement.
The problem isn't the fight itself, it is the fact that some skills that move you only if vertically fill the bar.

Examples would be Meta, IStrike like mentioned and few others.
you need a hug?
03/09/2018 13:09Posted by Rymm
The problem isn't the fight itself, it is the fact that some skills that move you only if vertically fill the bar.

Examples would be Meta, IStrike like mentioned and few others.

Exactly. People here are acting like the fight is a problem to the op, it's not. It's the spells on his character. And for Vdh's and metamorphosis, I agree.

You all need to "git gud" at reading.
So many people in this thread that can't read... And are incapable of understanding that some classes have built-in movement in their skills.. Of course most of those comments come from classes that are melee's that never move (Paladin) or Ranged.
Oh it got nerfed? That's why it felt completely effortless last time...
very annoying fight tbh, dont mind the nerfs

now if only i could use whirling dragon punch without filling the bar
still no chance with 4 melees
And his damage is still overtuned.

And I agree that camera is a problem here, every time I got knocked back I had to move just because I didn't see anything if I didn't, just my char, and couldn't watch cannons or stull on the ground. One time I got knocked back behind the cannon and couldn't get out, couldn't get camera to work properly long enought to die.
This bossroom is badly designed for game engine we're dealing with.

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