[H] Elysian (8/8H 2/8M) recruiting for Mythic Prog

Twisting Nether
Hi there Elyisian is a guild created by two friends who wanted to push for mythic content. It was started at towards the end of Legion and having had a break before BFA, we are now back and ready to take the new expansion by storm.
We are currently looking for people who want to push for mythic content in a non-hardcore fashion and want to have fun with their guildies.

What we can offer you?

Stable Officer Team. We have a team of 2 officers and 2 Co-GMs who will maintain and run events during the week to get members their gear.

Random Events throughout the week. You don’t need to attend but it is highly recommended as we will be doing mythic + nights to get those keys done and PvP nights if people are interested in attending, be that rated BGs and arenas.

3 Days Raiding. We are now increasing the amount of raids we are doing. We are now going to be raiding Wednesday, Thursday and Mondays. Raids will take place from 8PM till 11PM Server Time.

What we expect off you?

During your trial period which is around 3 weeks time, we expect 90% attendance, but we understand that real life and commitments get in the way. Just let us know and everything will be fine.

Enchanted and gemmed gear.

Ability to listen to others in raids and take any advice and criticism.

If you have any queries then please message me or any of the other officers in the guild :)

Officer Team

Iyax - iyax#2678
Unawares - phykadelik#2514
Fierywringer - maguzi#2917
Wafful - napfel#21222
Still looking for range dps!
Bump for Rdps & dps with tank OS
bump! still looking for a couple of RDPS and a healer.
Bump! still looking for a tank pref DK/Druid, healer & a couple of RDPS
Bump! still looking for a few RDPS
Bump. Looking for 1 healer and a few Rdps to go 20man
Demon Hunter / Warrior looking for a raiding guild. Warrior is my alt.
Looking for a tank pref Dk

1 Healer
2 - 3 range dps
Looking for:

1 Off Tank,
1 Healer,
More DPS

For our continued progression and numbers for Mythic.
Bump - Still looking for DPS to finish HC and move straight into Mythic.
Bump - We are now looking for;

Hunter (BM/MM)
Monk (WW with MW OS)
Warrior (Arms/Fury)
Bump! Starting Mythic prog tomorrow still looking for

Hunter (BM/MM)
Monk (WW with MW OS)
Warrior (Arms/Fury)
Bump! Still looking for a Hpala or BM Monk, and a few range dps (open to all classes)!

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