WoW needs an ABUSIVE CHAT ban as Overwatch

I like my chat as i like my blades, dripping with toxic material ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Maybe you should police your own chat instead of crying for blizzard to do it.

I bet you're one of those people that has chat filter off and then cries about swearing.
Is the ignore button not working?
You should see the chat when someone is hacking in Battlefield then. WoW chat is like love poetry compared to that.
This borderline crazy urge to censor everyone who doesn't talk like you want to is simply %^-*ed up. Seriously, stop crying and grow up. I can simply ignore people who annoy me without even using an ignore function, you know, by just ignoring them. You learn that in real life usually, but I guess in modern society it's cool to be fragile af.

/thread over
23/08/2018 03:42Posted by Uzuki
Oh yeah sure and I suppose we need an automated report system that bans or silences you just because someone reported you too.

Overwatch's report system is tragic, we don't need that.

This is literally how WoW's silence system works...
23/08/2018 04:38Posted by Dromash
Does it give a notification about if report worked?

Or perhaps stop wanting your ego to be stroked because you are a "good" person, reporting abusive players.
I do agree that the report system needs work, and you know I've seen blizzard take action on toxic people many times. One person a few days ago was saying some trolling things about Sweden in Trade and he magically changed the subject after getting reported to WTS and WTB things. I felt justice was served.

As for blizzard new feature that enables players to now write in a detailed box about why they're reporting them I think that great.

The problem I find it the player who exploit the automated system, with the quantity of people reporting someone they can get auto silenced.

I think their should be a written text box to make people think TWICE before reporting a player rather than doing it on the side of divergence and power hungry attitude such as "Please note abusive chat is not something linked to constructive feedback" give players something to read because some people can be so sensitive these days. And a lot forget the ignore feature. There is death threats, and cyber bullying that happen on this game and it important the man power goes on them. But for a person who doing stupid things in trade etc I'd say justice well deserved. I saw a guy in Alterac valley get silenced for being toxic before.

I was told when clicking the message you find abusive all blizzard employees do read these as the reports do get sent to them so just make sure you don't click the report on someone who saying "Hi" and actually the part what very offensive. It saves them reading the whole chat logs then.

But as I said it the quantity what the issue based on the people who exploit it. For their own gain. I think the appeal feature should be better improved from my friends experiences.

But in all, I'm really grateful they put a extra information chat box on the reports now, I can see improvements.
Yeah a similar system with overwatch would definitely be a good thing
As we all get tired of those men of keyboards and their cliche so called insults like "mom" involve things, we need a working report system like other blizzard games have for Abusive chat.

The community has a lot of players who are thinking that they are the best (the truth is completely the opposite.) and they are behaving to others in worst way possible. As a result they are destroying the game for those who are trying to just have fun and enjoy the content.

Even a good behavior is not working for those ignorant players. Cause they are the so called the best. You can't even tell them what they are doing wrong. If you do, they will have a very interesting sexual fantasy with your mother. (I didn't use ignorant as an insult. the situation and actions of those players are called ignorance. knowing nothing, assuming that knowing everything.)

I don't know if it's just a coincidence but most of those ignorant players are playing in Kazzak or Twisting Nether. At least according to my experience.

So what we need is a satisfying banning system like overwatch has. After getting enough number of reports from accounts (not different characters because one mad man can bomb your account with reports.) the account should be silenced. They should not be able to queue to PuGs or chat with anyone except their guild members and battletag friends.

In the mean time there should be a mail send to the reporters that someone got ban after our reports. So we will know reports are not for nothing and keep reporting and try to be nicer in case of a ban.

Having to use an unnamed amount of people as some sort of evidence to support your claim achieves nothing but ridiculing yourself.

I'm capable of ignoring people that annoy me for too long, why can't you do the same?

If I find enough people to report you for saying something like that in-game you'd be man enough to accept being silenced, having no way to appeal it?

And while you're at it: define abusive.
Maybe need some while to the salt ? What happend to all the ppl gosh just /ignore them it can't be so hard to do it.
Don't we already get daily threads where people/trolls complain about receiving chat bans when they "weren't even serious or said nothing really bad"?
The amount of sensitivity in this thread makes me feel bad. Just ignore the bad people and move on. We don't need an automated ban system in world of warcraft.

You can report people for language and then move on with your life.
You are given a ignore function ingame and if that doesnt help because you get triggered by people saying hi just hide/disable your chat window. You already got all the tools to deal with toxicity, and as others stated the silence system is already in place and works so just report them if you feel like it's deserved.

I dont know how much handholding and artifical protection you require but the internet might not be for you.
23/08/2018 08:05Posted by Dottie
Blizzard aren't enforcing their own rules on chat behaviour, they are relying on reports from their customers instead, this is lazy and wrong, they need an automatic system that bans people from chat for swearing, those who say activate their chat filter or ignore them are compounding the problem.

Ignore only has so many slots and fills up quickly. The root of the problem needs action not the result of it. The root of the problem? Easy, toxic players.

Thankfully you're in no position of power otherwise the WoW chat channels and community would be run by robotic police who ban people for swearing.
23/08/2018 10:30Posted by Michaela
So what you want isn't to be left alone by those players, you want REVENGE. You want to hit them back for being mean? You realize how hypocritical that sounds, right?

Yeah it is hypocritical and immature, but it's not surprising because (not directed at OP...) sociopaths and malignant narcissists love getting revenge after they feel that their ego is "under attack."
OP, the game also has a mature chat filter option and a ignore player option
23/08/2018 14:41Posted by Redeyes
23/08/2018 14:39Posted by Serious
Thankfully you're in no position of power otherwise the WoW chat channels and community would be run by robotic police who ban people for swearing.

Errr its exactly as how you say it is, its gotten that bad with these new offended by everything generation. i want a nuclear solution to this.

Yeah the leftist political spectrum has gotten out of hand and is running rampant through society and the entertainment industry these days, but I couldn't care less about them as I don't water myself down for anybody. :D

They should study the Dancing Shiva and learn from it.

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