Looking for a good, sociable heroic raiding guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi, I’m a very experienced hard mode raider that has decided that it’s just not going to be worth the hassle for Battle for Azeroth due to a number of things, but not least increased workload very soon.

I am still looking to raid and do dungeons however. I would like to run current heroic raids most weeks, and mythic + dungeons up to the item level cap (not so much pushing hard). I’d rather do this in a sociable guild, rather than transient PuGs. However, it’s important to note that I’m not looking for groups that make what I consider relatively straightforward things difficult. I’m looking for a group of players who could easily perform at cutting edge raid level but, due to circumstances, either can’t or won’t. This means that heroic won’t be a problem and will be cleared from week 1.

I realise that whole guilds of such players may be thin on the ground, and that a social position in a mythic guild who have spots in alt runs may be a good option. I’m not looking for the best of what I can find. If I can’t find a guild that meets my requirements then I will just PuG groups if the outcome is no worse.

Just so that I can be clear, this is what I am and am not looking for:

Looking For
Sociable, mature minded guild.
Clears current heroic raids weekly, from their release.
Active, even though not reliable online times from members.
Enjoy running mythic+ dungeons up to the item level cap.

Not looking for
Guilds that progress through heroic.
Raid teams that dip their toe into mythic raids.
Raid nights of Thursday or Friday (Wednesdays are most suitable but not the only day).

Thanks for your time. I will just add that I would prefer an Alliance guild but I’m not dead set on it. I can be contacted on Thete#2661

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