Warriors should always have the most damage.

26/08/2018 11:19Posted by Kohlmar
Don't fool yourself : all classes are quite easy to play right now.

Tunnelvision specializations without being balanced around hardly any form of control still takes the price of easy mode

26/08/2018 12:09Posted by Àlleria
Pure dps classes must always deal higher damage than any hybrid class in the game, period.

This was true long time ago, not now when blizzard wants us to bring the player and not the class
26/08/2018 12:55Posted by Shwosh
This was true long time ago, not now when blizzard wants us to bring the player and not the class

They actually went back on that statement when they realized how stupid of a statement it was.
Let's hope they make classes more unique then
Pretty sure if warriors should have highest anything, it should be mitigation, not damage output.
I think warrior is fine in PvE. But in PvP with so many classes having immunities to physical damage while they can still deal damage, we need shattering throw back.

Paladins bubble and heal and still do damage (but usually bubble and hearth).

Hunters turtle and heal while their pets do damage.

Rogues stun stun stun and when you eventually get to fight back they parry or dodge till your dead.

Rogues 1v1 are the most faceroll class in the game. Claiming rogue takes skill is extremely funny.
26/08/2018 06:26Posted by Ilyadris
They should actually spend a patch or expansion rooted to the bottom of the dps charts. Just to keep them humble. Especially since the class as a whole is ridiculously easy to play.

True, but from a rogue it's still strange :)
Mutilate, Mutilate, Envenom/Rupture/S&D/Stun
No need to check status for the enemy, just PvE down anyone in PvP through basic rotation and they can't do sh*t.
As a DK seeing, that a healer can heal 2-3 times more, than my strongest ability (necrotic strike), that needs setup and is the most efficient way of dealing harm vs healer and still be a joke for them... it absorbs baseline ~8k heal at 120 in ~335-340 ilvl, healers heal like 15-25k baseline AND can critt with their most basic of heals, just how the fk am I supposed to kill a healer?
My strongest lockdown chain is around 10 sec and a single CD from a healer is enough for them to survive my full burst with multipple CD stacking with raid CDs included.
26/08/2018 08:46Posted by Alrich
26/08/2018 08:36Posted by Ivarick
If you are solely talking PvP - then yes, warrior takes the short stick. You are properly useless without a healer, maybe a bit less as Arms, but still useless at most times.

If you are talking PvE however - Oh boy, get some haste in that gear of yours and you'll have fun as either Fury or Arms, deal a good amount of damage (more as Arms) and a good mobility baseline to dodge raid mechanics.

I get your point, but like I said: only if you're talking about PvP.

I'm not talking about PVE.
Arms is great in PVE.
Fury is trash.

Well, honestly furry after becoming a solo god in PvP should stay in trash tier at least in PvE, especially after what blizzard did with DK selfhealing.
I wish to get back my 2 rune cost death strike so much and have death coil as the only spender, but when it actually does damage...
26/08/2018 06:52Posted by Rimescald
If DPS is all you bring to the table, you are doing it wrong.

Oh so anyone who plays warrior is doing it wrong? Cause thats basically all we bring. Glass Cannons.
26/08/2018 13:41Posted by Melthor
Well, honestly furry after becoming a solo god in PvP should stay in trash tier at least in PvE,

What class has furry spec? Is it a panda thing?

If you think any class should be trash tier and not balanced your opinion is pretty worthless.
26/08/2018 12:54Posted by Hezar
26/08/2018 06:20Posted by Alrich
Out of any class at all point in times.
We have literally nothing else going for us.

It's a disgrace that there are times when a multi fonction class like Paladin do more dmg than us on top of the outrageous list of stuff they already have going for them.

You do realize that you are also a hybrid class with 2 roles. If something, you deserve a slight nerf. How about that?

Sorry for picking your post for it, but it started to bug me...
why is so many people here so dumb as to think that being hybrid means being able to spec into dps AND being able to spec into tank or something...
being hybrid means to be able to do multipple things IN THE FKIN SAME SPEC and NOT CLASS.
Hybrid specs for the weak minded as examples: druid, practically any form, reso can heal and tank, feral can dps, can tank (even if not in guardian) and can heal too with the right talents quite strong, resto druid can heal and tank.
Shamans, elem and enhancement shaman can do dps, while being able to heal realy lot... now all specs can even talent into earth shield... wtf blizz?
Paladins, prot and retri can heal on top of their roles quite well, holy paladin has a talent, which it can kill somene in a few globals.

THIS is the definition of hybrid SPEC and being hybrid class means absolutely nothing and has absolutely nothing to do with game balance.
The main problem in the game is that here are a lot of hybrid classes and non-hybrid ones are mostly useless against them or without them if they have no significant selfhealing capabilities.

Arms and prot warrior has no real selfhealing, impending victory is NOT a reliable selfhealing, when you take more damage in a single global than the ammount it heals, especialy can't be considered selfhealing with these numbers and still being on a 30 sec cd.
Hunters witih 50%+ selfhealing with a single ability, that has no target requirement or anything, has a reliable selfhealing.
DK, requiring a sh*tton of resources, sacrificing secondary effects from death coil and requireing target in mele range has NO reliable selfhealing in it's dps specs.
Blood DK has, but that's a spec designed around strong selfhealing, still a lot of DPS class can do better easily, mostly in PvP situations.

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