Mage Challenge bear skin bugging ALL skins animations

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I wonder if this bug will still be present when we finally get Zandalari Trolls. I am aming to race change my main druid,

80 posts in this thread and zero reaction from blues.
Meta thread on the BFA forums for druids is 1090 or something and no blue reply. Meanwhile SP got one on each of their topics. Feeling the love.
Hey, uh. So I have some exciting news. Someone posted in the Druid section on MMO-Champion that this was actually fixed for the latest PTR update.

Skeptical but very excited I decided to install the PTR and copy Tamrah over, and, well. It works. It all works. I tested every Artifact form, every colour (except the PvP one as I only have first Turquoise one for that, and the Black variant of Might of the Grizzlemaw). However, all of the ones I did test? They all work. Animations fully function when transmogged to any artifact form with my copied character. I'm really hopeful this isn't just something to do with the copied characters, and we'll actually have this behaviour on live.

I tested Moonfire, Mangle, Thrash and Swipe for each one pretty much, a couple of Mauls and Pulverizes there for some of them too.

I did discover a new bug during this testing, where if you strafe + backpedal during your auto-attack animation, then begin running, it plays your running animation, except "backwards" (like, the animation loop is reversed) while you run forwards. Even better, I discovered you can toggle walk and.. it's.. it just looks hilariously silly - the walk animation is played in reverse too, so you're literally a moonwalking bear. It's great. Obviously, I reported this, but figured I'd mention it here too.

Finally, the werebear skin seems to have been... changed? My Moonfire, Swipe and Thrash all use the weird overhead animation, whereas the Mangle animation uses the regular auto-attack one. Might not be final yet.
Could-... Could this be it? The turning point?

Could this be a new dawn for longer-time bears?!

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