[A] - <Toxic Mentality> Recruiting!

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Guild Name: Toxic Mentality
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times: 20 - 23 Server Time
Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday
Openings: all roles

We are a guild that was created at the end of legion with the aim of raiding heroic content in BFA as the core of us no longer have the time to invest in mythic raiding. We aim to get curve in each tier.

We also run mythic/mythic+ on a regular basis.

Please contact either myself (Soxtreme) or Kapowlol in game or add me on battle.net - skytte#21678

Progress update:

Normal - 7/8
Heroic - 4/8
Are you guys still looking for a tank? Blood Dk 364 ilvl available 7nights of the week for heroic/mythic raids, high mythic +.

Mainly looking for Rdps and healers.
bump - currently looking for a healer!
Would you consider a possible guild merge? we're currently 5/8 HC. Struggling for range, if you are please add chavbasher#2818 for a chat.

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