I'm bored...

25/08/2018 10:34Posted by Dornisus
I'm in the same boat, already bored of the game. The problem is that a major part of BfA is lifted from Legion. So there's very little new to the game, and what is added as new things, isn't worth doing. Island Expeditions - which was sold in as a big thing during the reveal - is extremely boring and unrewarding, and the rest we haven't gotten yet - like Warfronts.

So there is very little actual worth-while content in BfA. I'm finding myself asking "why am I doing this again?" when logging in on BfA. I just don't find any incentives to move on. Do heroic dungeons, why? What would new gear bring me? Mythic dungeons? Again why? Azerite grind, but why? What does the new powers bring me? What new powers?

So yes, I'm already bored of BfA, it's like a very thin tea, watered down and flavourless.

Same question here. When I was playing WOTLK I was grinding raids to get bis weapon, trinkets etc...and I could use that in pvp. So when I got them I felt that I am more powerfull cuz of those items.

Now why should I grind better items when some lower lvl player will scale to my power on near my power level???
25/08/2018 10:49Posted by Anvilbreaker
There's nothing to do because there is not alot to do - BFA just launched, what do you expect? Man these topics make me sick.

Why is it 50 euros then?
When will people stop whining about this matter ? Honestly been hearing this bull!@#$ since vanilla
25/08/2018 11:07Posted by Koldan
When will people stop whining about this matter ? Honestly been hearing this bull!@#$ since vanilla

I don't agree with that....I was not bored in Vanilla. I was not bored in TBC. I was not bored in WOTLK.

Don't get me wrong, i am trying to like it, very much so, but it's just lacking. It's like taking a sip of your coffee just to notice it's cold, you get that disgusted face. That's what i get from logging in and opening the map to see the WQ's.

Also about the achievements thing, i don't care about them, never did.

Thanks for the discussion.
ha..finding your coffee is cold isn't half as bad as picking up your cup and finding it empty...profanity ensues..:D
You could try to level a character on the other faction, it's a different story, might be worth for you to see. Or you could go on and do battlegrounds or arena skirmishes if you like pvp, to get a hold of how your class and others play. Or you could go on and do m0 dungeons if that's your thing to understand the mechanics and try to figure them out for when m+ comes in a week and a half. Or you could farm the reputations if that's your thing, to get the 350 items there before the m+ patch. Or you could do bgs to get some easy going fun slaying the opposition. Or roam in the world to pvp in warmode. Or pet battles, if you like that. Or get your favorite alts to 120, even within the same faction. Or level your professions. Raids will open soon, and I suppose some preparation is in order for that as well, such as getting your HoA at a decent level. IDK, there's so much stuff to do there just isn't time for all of it really.

If neither bgs, arenas, dungeons, reputations, pet battles, professions, world pvp or alts are your thing then idk, I think wrong game is what can be said.
It is strange that with Legion there were no complaints about having nothing to do. So Blizzard sure must have made less content available at the start of BfA than they did in start of Legion.
25/08/2018 11:34Posted by Avalee
It is strange that with Legion there were no complaints about having nothing to do. So Blizzard sure must have made less content available at the start of BfA than they did in start of Legion.

In legion, there was a lot of actually new things to keep your fingers on. Not only was the story more driven and better paced out, once we hit 110 we had a lot of new things to look into. Like unlocking he 3rd relic slot by doing the order hall campaign, unlocking world quests, exploring Suramar and doing the new quests there and if you had a profession, the profession questing.

BfA doesn't have that much new to go for. The war campaign is basically a watered down version of Garrison and doesn't feel relevant, WQs were introduced in Legion, the Heart of Azeroth is a watered down version of the Artifact system and we don't have any Suramar worth exploring with an engaging story to a new race and their struggles.

It's a shame that they don't managed to follow up on what the Legion started. I had hopes for WoW in Legion, it seemed to be on the right track again. BfA feels like a major derailing.
How can u be bored if u are level 60..
Well, this xpac does have less end game content than in Legion : no class order hall quests, a weaker version of the artifacts, and no Suramar city.
Make sure you don't rush content within the next big patch/exp
You can tell I'm bored cos I'm here lurking in the forums rather than playing...

done most of the mythics dungs this week so all i got is a few WQ's left on zandalar island...

or continue lvling alts - got my horde 112 and rogue to 114 (aiming for pirate worgan with him)... not looking forward to getting to 120 and just having 3 times as many WQ's to do though...
25/08/2018 10:24Posted by Revanent
Blizzard give us alot to do though. remember how much there WASNT to do at the endgame of vanilla, TBC and Wrath outside of raiding, dungeon running and battleground/ arena? A handful of dailies at best. Now look at all we have to be getting on with.

I like it.

It took 2 months of casual play to reach max lvl in vanilla...and every so other level granted another skill or talent.
BfA takes 3 days to max level and offers nothing per level gained. The only reason I would have to level my alts is to get them ready for the next expansion...that is if it's not the same quality as this one...
25/08/2018 10:45Posted by Tèsla
With 7k achievements you cant be bored

Meaning you should go for achies. And i did. But a load of achies have been removed in the past 6 months. Twice i went back from 17.5k plus to 17.
And the last time, i decided i will never put effort into achies again.
Thats what you get when you delete things ppl worked hard for. They dont do it anymore.
ITT people who play 30 minutes a day telling others to not rush things...

Seriously, after hitting 120 you can finish everything there is (read as one time content, quest + war campaign) pretty much in a week. Then there are only things like WQs and that's all.
Rush content? I bought the expansion only last weekend and this character is 120 even though through the week I only had an hour or so in an evening after work. Levelling is easy and irrelevant as far as character power goes.

That said, I disagree with the OP that there is nothing to do. There is nothing they want to do, there is an important difference and TBH if all the quests, pvp, world quests etc are boring then why are you still here. Come back in a few patches time when the second part of the flying mount unlock comes in.
I doubt other expansions had much more to do at launch. If you wanted to raid the unlock schedule was public, other than this what the hell you want?
25/08/2018 10:45Posted by Tèsla
With 7k achievements you cant be bored

Ah this old stupid argument.

A lot of people don't enjoy doing years to decade old, irrelevant, boring content.

OT - I'm not really bored yet but peoples attitudes towards others in heroics is making me just want to stop playing again and go back to FFXIV. This community is horrible. Is it so hard to tell someone a tactic they're doing wrong instead of just raging like a child and expecting everyone to know all the tactics a week into the expansion?
Go play the other side. Do all the quests. Explore every nook and cranny. Do professions. Archaeology is neat this expansion I find.

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