Where did my realm identity go?

For the majority of the time playing during BFA (Having played since launch) I began to see less, less and less of the PVP flagged players who belong to my server. Sure I don't expect loads of them but the issue is I know there should be atleast some in my shard for crying out loud, I talk to my friends who are horde, on argent dawn. I go looking for them even and simply can't find my own server buddies regardless of faction without forming groups to enter their phase. It would be nice if blizzard could some how tweek sharding so that ideally it could prioritise players from my realm? Just to emphasise it, i only had just logged on and didnt enter any groups and yet mainly saw players from Defias brotherhood or any other server.

TLDR this sharding has made it more of a solo experience by the passing day as I can't find horde nor my alliance friends without some ability to party up.
you expect rpers to pvp? lul
It was removed because it was either that or extremely lopsided servers of 99% of one faction.

And yeah 99% of one faction is definitely not the experience devs want so removing your "realm identity" was the only rational choice.
i'm pretty sure it already prioritise players from your own realm, i see a lot of ravencrest people in both with on and off warmode.
but as the other person said, Maybe there just isn't many from argent dawn with warmode on?

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