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Looking for Players – PvE
Im returning after about a 3-4 month break. Have killed 5/11 Antorus would have been 11/11 but had to take a break very soon into the patch because of personal reasons. Have been a top teir raider since Mop Raiding ToS and SoO Heroic.

5/7 M
3/3M + CE
1/9M - Didnt raid this patch
5/11M - within first week of mythic release. guild was top 200

M+ score - 2.3k 7.3.2

Some links :

Wow Progress :
Druid -
Warrior -

Armoury :
Druid -
Warrior -
Dk (Char i played Mop WOD) -

Logs :
Druid -
Warrior -

Old guild's
Antorus -

I expect a guild that shows they can clear content and is needing of my classes and dont want to join a guild a be instantly benched. Can raid 4-5 times a week if need be from serious teams starting September. I am willing to both Faction and realm change.

More info contact - Cycrox #2665

request sent mate. Artaurius add up and let's have a chat?
Still looking

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