Alliance dungeon queues?

Not complaining, was just wandering if anyone else is still having to wait over an hour for dungeons? I still haven't been able to play them yet. :p
Lowest I saw was 47 minutes for me. Haven't bothered

I'll try them at 120
I'd assume most people don't bother with entering them until they have a dungeon quest, or they are doing it with a 5-man premade.

I have done the 3 levelling dungeons, but tank ques were also 20 seconds.
I'm not bothering to do them, just doing the one I need for quest and boom.

Otherwise, the xp is rather terrible.

I'll be doing them at 120.
I queued for a specific dungeon (needed it for my questline this morning) as a healer and it took me 10 minutes.
Should what realm i go on effect anything then? xD I've been waiting 2 hours after getting the quest
10 seconds queue as a tank
Healer 1-2 min.
i waited for so long that i completely forgot that i was in que.

"World of warcraft, now with more jumpscares."
For horde, as a tank? Its instant.
2 and a half hours for a waycrest manor (specific dungeon) to finish the drustvar story.
luckily it was not that big of an issue FOR ME, as while I was queued, I was lvling in tirisgarde sound, but i really hope it will get better asap.
120 they are about 40-60 minutes as a DPS as well, so it doesn't get better yet. Once more people hit 120, it'll get quicker ^_^.

Most people will be doing the storylines for Pathfinder.
It doesn't matter if you are horde or ally. Dungeon queue is about 1 hour.

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