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Hello as title suggest i'm torn between leveling manually or using boost on my character.

Started playing wow mid bc and ended when my guild collapsed close to end of mop.
I played dk as my main from icc to siege of orgrimmar, and from what i sow in few dungeons it did not change that drastically. Yes there where some changes but we had to menage cool downs back then as well and change is basically the following:
Old death strike is replaced with Marrowrend (in terms of resource management) blood strike / heart strike is still same and runic strike is now replaced with death strike.

On cool downs we had dancing rune weapon, vampire blood and ibf before as well doing exactly that (vampire blood was only healing increase and % max life was glyph for 15% iirc. Same goes with every ability except bone shield that is now rolled into marrowrend.

Before i hated leveling (regardless if it was horde / ally pre or pos cata and would rather sit afk in org that even try getting alt to level 5 only exception being undead 1-30) but i enjoyed arena and raids.

Or i'm missing something huge like Chuck Norris being quest giver.
Well, if you hated levelling then, you will go postal now. It's far, far, far worse than it has ever been, from every point of view.

You know what end game is about, so I think you'll be fine to boost. You're not missing much. Warlords and Legion questing were OK, if linear, but there is nothing new or interesting except Suramar in Legion, a then-max-level 110 questing zone, which is amazing for what it does, But not especially likely to attract you, I think. You can always go back and do it for the mount at the end of the quest chain or on an alt. (No, Chuck Norris isn't there either.)

Classes have been much simplified and slo-o-o-o-wed down, so you won't have any trouble at all with that.

icy-veins.com for your basic class and spec info
wowhead.com for all the rest
Also YouTube your heart out if you want opinions.

Start here:

Maybe find yourself a realm with a good raiding scene for Horde if you want to raid. Ideally, find yourself a guild and check out their realm. Unless you want to continue with your existing characters, ofc, in which case you could also realm transfer.
Best time of wow's life cycle is at the start of a new expansion, just boost and jump into the fray, besides leveling up is a stupid time waste these days
Why is leveling worse then it has ever been? Have you forgotten how tedious it was in vanilla and the early expansions?

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