[H-RP/WorkWork] oRGriMMaR PEON uNIoN

Argent Dawn

yOU waNT
beTTeR wORk?
beTTeR tOOls?
beTTeR fOoD?

jOiN orGriMMar PEON uNIoN

beSt tOOls
beSt wORk
lEss angRY taSkmAstER
beSt coNdiTIoNS
beSt wORk HOUrs
mORe nAp tIMe
pEOn wORKer lwa-- la-- RIGHTS

fiND GonK the Peon


Though simplistic and primitive in nature, the peon is the true hero of the Horde.
In times past, he has dutifully served the Horde above and beyond the call of duty, be it to mine gold, collect lumber, or build buildings.
The peon is not only the economic but also the functional backbone of the Horde. Without the peon there would be no Horde. In aeons past, peons have secured victory for the Horde by supporting entire war efforts, be it through building the headquarters, the pig farm, the peon bunker, the lumber mill, the barracks, the beast den, the voodoo hut, the tauren totem, repairing catapults or even raising the legendary Altar of the Storms, the peon is indubitably the most heroic personality of the Horde.

To tell you a little about our guild, though: We are the Orgrimmar Peon Union. Established by the smarter-than-average Gonk the Peon (affectionately dubbed Peonchief by precisely one sentient being throughout the entire existance - and by extension timelines - of Azeroth) we strive to provide our fellow peons with tools, social downtime, character development and basic peon worker rights (once we've understood what those words even mean)
Essentially, the guild exists for 'funsies' but despite this it is inhabited by veteran roleplayers who are RP instigators by nature and harbor the clear intent of providing the Horde with the most quality mostly-stupid-but-sometimes-smart peon RP possible.
As a rule, we are generally open to RP-PvE as well as RP-PvP collaboration but ask proposers of such to consider that the venues of their campaigns be accessible to level 1s as most peon RPers prefer to embrace the immersive RP aspect of the strong yet perfectly attackable and easily killable peon.

Despite the simple concept of a peon, we recommend that undertakers of this role generally be experienced roleplayers with clear intent and goal-oriented character development habits, as we will provide no events whatsoever, but rather plentiful creative RP through organic means.

If you have read this far, I kindly thank you for your attention span.
Should you, reader, be interested in joining the Orgrimmar Peon Union, please leave a note here or forward an ingame letter to Juniorpeon, Domp or Thurd.

An Argent Archives page will follow as soon as the Argent Archives staff endavours to take our profile applications seriously.

Dutiful regards,
It a thread. Domp like. Dat good.
Finally! Wishing you all the best.
I honestly love you and your roleplay. Truly brightens my day whenever I see you guys around. Keep at it!
I wish you all the best in your endeavours for better working conditions and rights. Long has the noble peon been the bent backbone of the Horde, and even longer may it remain so for years to come.
Good. It's about time.
They are becoming enlightened. Stop them.
Union!? Time to put end to this!
The Thirteenth Legion recognizes the hard, loyal work the peon workforce brings to the Horde, amongst their dedication to rooting out our enemies that trespass Orgrimmar. For that we offer:

- Somewhat new shovels
- A spare collection of hammers
- Extra gruel serving

Lok'tar Ogar.
Got to support our peons!
Been seeing a lot of them in the streets and been good RP as well.
I hope you guys the best and to be honest, stuff like this creates more life in the street instead of having tons of clans/warbands/platoons grunting at each corner.
I really hope to see you guys attend future RP-PvP events as laborers.
11/08/2018 21:48Posted by Toso
I really hope to see you guys attend future RP-PvP events as laborers.
You can expect us to be all over the place in future campaigns! When something need doing, something be done.
Work hard to put thread on map.

Even use nails dis time. Dis make Womp happy.
A parchment stamped next to it, "Here's a transelation, best I could do: Greetings fellow manual laborer, do you want better work, tools and meals? Join Ogrimmar Peon Union, not only do we provide work but we also provide less strict employeers, we are rumored to have the best work envoirement conditions, the work hours are balanced and you'll have appropriate shifts, suited for your needs. Let's come together today, ask for Gonk so we can discuss your future. For the Horde!

- Transelated by an orgrimmar citizen incase someone removes it for thinking it's a fake advertisment, as it clearly is not.", there's more written at the bottom.

"As an orgrimmar citizen, I support Orgrimmar Peon Union, good luck to your Union!"
Another note: "May I urge you to invest in a representative when it comes to contracts? That way if a bully Taskmaster attempts to shut down your Union, this representative can defend you and tell him to mind his own business!", it's stamped next to the other parchment that was written.
Lady orc use big words.
"What's next a peasant rebellion in Elwynn?" Jk. Interesting concept, hope it doesn't devolve into communism.
12/08/2018 06:09Posted by Balthahzar
"What's next a peasant rebellion in Elwynn?"

Well Anduin is the king and they didn't vote for him.
12/08/2018 06:09Posted by Balthahzar
"What's next a peasant rebellion in Elwynn?" Jk. Interesting concept, hope it doesn't devolve into communism.

They probably lack the cognition to organise the necessary local worker's councils and in the end they still operate under a despotic military dictatorship lead by a self appointed monarch. All within a system of institutional oppression and exploitative economics controlled by a fat little goblin in a top hat, supported by continuous warfare.

The goblins run the world, you know, making guns and bigger bombs to perpetuate a permanent wartime economy while raking in the profits. Every bomb dropped on a druid school or coastal town creates demand for more bombs and who do you think is giving a sixshooter to every thug in Old Town?!

And of course they're putting stuff in our water as they did with the trolls in Orgrimmar, tweaking people's consciousness and making them compliant soldiers for their way of life. It goes all the way to the top; how do you think the Darkspear rebellion happened? Do you really believe "da spirits" whispered Sylvanas' name to a dying, addled Vol'jin?! If so, I've a bridge in Redridge to sell you!

Can't you see it?! We're under attack! Literal vampire potbelly goblins are after us, trying to destoy humanity, all dignity and honour. Gnomeregan was an inside job and controlled opposition. The gas coming out of those vents was green! Look at Lordaeron now, what does that tell you? You heard it here first, folks!

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes.

Their hole digging skills are on another level! What have I witnessed?!

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