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Argent Dawn
Hi guys.

Been playing WoW again for the last month or two, but I still haven't really made any proper friends since migrating over from Moonglade. I've been trying to get back into public RP but finding it very daunting. Are there any communities open at the moment? Honestly, I'm so lonely within WoW at the moment, it feels like a bloody single-player game.

Ideally, on this character, I'm looking for an orcish-based guild (clan).

Any suggestions?

Reddek / Malsam (Alliance)
Hello you, and welcome to Argent Dawn C:

If you're looking for a orc clan I recommend either Orcs of the Red Blade or Irontusk. I think Red Blade is more tradition while Irontusk favour war, alto I could be wrong. Both guilds are active, but bare in mind that we're now entering a level and explore-time so RP might sway a lill.
There are more clans out there that aren't specific orc, but most clans seem to cooperate with others so you'll get the chance of befriending many different kinds.
If you could consider joining the honorable side.. we might be what your looking for..


Easy rp to jump in and out off at any time aswell ad have people to run dungeons with.

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