LF a casual and mature guild

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Hello guys, my name irl is Ammi

My main is an ilvl 331 afflition warlock but iam an altoholic

I looking for a casual/matured guild to do raids, dungen and quest or just farming for rep with and maybe som Mythic dungeons and also be social and have fun. In.

I am a girl living i sweden iam looking for like minded people. I also streaming wow and some ather games on twitch ther i go under Mooniezz

I played wow since Vanilla, or rader since beta, i started on us server but 2010 i change to eu server.

Im able to play moste days, but somtime life nocking on my doors and i be ofline for a few days,

Kind regards from Ammi
Hello Ammi!

I think Valour might be the guild for you :)

We are recently re-founded from a guild that was at the cutting edge of progression back in Wrath of the Lich King, (yes, some of our members are THAT old!)

We've got a major focus on having fun and enjoying the community we have built here, actively raiding, running mythic dungeons, expeditions etc. (And of course, chatting the night away on discord!)

We have a 0 commitment outlook to raiding, so if things were to pop up as you said, it's totally understandable.

Give myself, Keltoi, Trainset or Teophic a message in game, we'd be happy to chat more :)

All the best,


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