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After legion we lost bear tartare and movement speed legendaries. Are there any new items in bfa that increase base movement speed and what is the fastest old content farming class in your opinion?
There are some Azerite pieces that increase movement speed. But they can only increase it up 4%.

Druids are fast.
This would most likely be of some help, in the long run :)

For anyone wondering, it is one of the Dark Iron Dwarves racials.
I honestly recommend creating a 111 twink or something and using the speed legendaries from legion to farm. Obviously doesn't work in every raid, such as legion content, but it would do for 90%.
I would imagine the fastest class would be Druid.

Cat form gives a strong speed boost, you have access to Tiger Dash and Stampeding Roar. You can lock yourself to 111, get Azerite pieces for movement speed. You should have access to all 3 slots worth of the Longstrider trait which could stack to 12% extra movement speed.

Then you have access to Bear Tartare as always. While it isn't amazing it's still something.

You can then fairly easily farm speed items from Broken Shore by farming nethershards from the chests for example, or farm Argunite for higher ilvl speed items. The BoE twink items of Legion can titanforge to pretty great levels now too so might find speed pieces from the AH too.

Then you add in the crafted legendary boots and the Sephu ring for movement speed and you can likely get to mounted speeds passively.
There's a need for a better buff than the current Bear Tartare, maybe just a BFA version of it that's a bit stronger.
As others pointed out, there are Azerite Traits - Longstrider and Vampiric Speed - that increase your movement speed either passive or after a a target you damaged, dies. Vampiric speed outscales Longstrider at about 355, but I think there is a cap for the tertiary speed rating.

Also, don't forget about the green movement speed gem! Sadly, that one is unique-equipped, I was already planning SoO-gear sets, before realising that.

When it comes to classes: In addition to druids, I would see hunters up there. They got talents (Posthaste and Trailblazer, when there are no mobs to kill) and Survival hunters still have harpoon.

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