{H} 4 Friends Looking for Raiding Guild

Twisting Nether
Friends Characters:

Barij - Warrior Fury/Arms on Twisting Nether
Nrj - Priest Disc/Shadow on Twisting Nether
Tozxx Priest Holy/Shadow on Twisting Nether
ßeepßoop Monk Brewmaster/Mistweaver on Kazzak

We are currently looking for a guild that will be able to take us into their roster, we have extensive knowledge of our characters and experience in past expansion raids and are Uldir raid ready.

what we are looking for a guild is mainly the following:

Timing and Days -two or three day raiding schedule on two of the following days: Wednesday-Thursday-Friday and the timing between 18:00-22:00 CEST
Maturity in the guild
English speaking
Past Achievments

We would greatly appreciate a response to either this forum post or adding me on Bnet uaeknight#2819

I don't know if this is at all what you guys are looking for but we are 10ish IRL friends (all from Sweden) that started playing WoW again with the BfA release. We are all 20+ years old and have been playing this game on and off since vanilla.

In Legion we played as well, we killed Xavius on Mythic before the release of Nighthold so we got the achievement and cleared heroic Nighthold but after that we stopped playing because we thought Legion was kinda a boring expansion.

We want to raid heroic/mythic uldir but we are only 10ish people right now so that means everyone has to show up on raid or else we can't go. You can join our roster and join us on our raids if you want, we all speak good english.

We are not super serious and do not have a homepage, we dont even have set raiding days atm because we're currently just a group of friends. We are not a bunch of noobs and many of us have raided several years in this game in high level guilds but now we're older and have jobs so we're unable to be super serious right now but we still expect to clear heroic uldir fast.

Add me Nhetik#2842 if you're interested
still searching.
Hey mate, Gonna keep this short and we can have a chat ingame.

We are a guild formed by a group of friends and we are looking for DPS/Healers ATM, we are hoping to be on the lines of Mythic Progression very soon and was wondering if you and your friends would like to join. We have lots of banter and such outside of raiding/mythic + and enjoy a good laugh. tho we take raiding seriously :D. If this sounds like the place for you, Messege me and we can go into deeper details on this topic !:)
Btag: Connor#2509

Hope that we see you in our Roster soon:D
Hey guys!

Are you looking to get carried and breezing through Mythic, or are you looking for a group to share blood, sweat and tears to push through HC to get a false sense of accomplishment? :P

In case of the latter, hit me up ingame. Or /w Thelymus or Nythaesia. Tranquillity might just be the kind of folks you're looking for.

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